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Warrior Cats

This poll is about a series of books called Warrior cats that I have really enjoyed reading...if you havnt read it, you should!
Have you ever read any of the Warrior cat books?
I read a bit of one of the books.
If you said yes, PROVE IT! lol. "And who are you to question my ?" He spat
(For the rest of my questions its only if you said yes and i read a bit of one) Wich books have you read?
Did you like the books?
Yeah! I loved them!
No, not really.
I sort of liked them, but they could be better.
What kind of feeling did the book/s give you?
There were different feelings at different times, in war it was fright. When some one died, sadness. When one of the cats had betrayed there clan, anger. When firepaw/heart/star was with some one he loved, happiness.
Boredness the whole book, I dont know how you could like it.
I had a different private suspective of the book...i'd rather not say about it.
Did it make you want to do stuff that would be unlikley to happen?
Yeah, I want/ed to be with them...it would be so cool
No, you guys are all idiots with no sense of how the world works.
yeah, but i dont want to say.
No, but i still like the book.
Wich book is your favourite? Or do you have more than one favourite?
Warrior cats: Into the wild
Warrior cats:Fire and ice
Warrior cats: Forest of secrets
Warrior cats: Rising storm
Warrior cats: A danderous path
Warrior cats: The darkest hour
I hate them all
Who is your favourite cat in Warrior cats? My personal favourite is gonna be between Bluestar and Silverstream.
I dare you to write a piontless poem about Warrior cats or something in it...go on, chicken. lol.
Final Question, you should know this...Who is the person who wrote Warrior cats?
Erin Hunter?
Anthony Horowitz?
Tara Green?
J.K. Rowling?
This poll was created on 2009-05-29 11:34:36 by Leopardstar