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help with titles for these 2 poems

I have written these two poems and wondering what I should title them
See her twice a week
Always with a smile on her face.
I see her hair pulled back
and know that she has a
true quality of beauty.
Her caring personality
She is a person of extreme intelligence
Someone who knows what she wants
I know I could love her.

I wish I could have time to talk with her
to go somewhere and just sit with her
find out what she wants out of life
tell her what it is I want
out of life
I want to know a lot about her
I want a good friendship with her
I fear though falling for her

I have known from the
first time I talked with her
I could have something with her
I feel a heavy attraction
to her whenever she is around
I know my life is not in
a good place to allow
anything to happen
I fear what I would lose
just to let her know I like her
Hidden Message
My Shining Emerald, Emily
Heavenly Promises on Mended Wings
Angel in Disguise
Untamable Attraction
Dream Without a Cure
So Close Yet so Far
A Phenomenal Girl
Unspoken Love
Tell Her
To Let Her Know
One Special Girl
A Wonderful Girl
So Close Yet so Far Away
I Know I Would Love Her
Just The Girl
My Biggest Fear
Her Love
Matters of the Heart
Bill is a barn door
only allowing in
just the people who should be there
friends who know how to
tend to his nature
and watch his personality grow

bill is a dark passageway
only a few
will travel there
wading their way through the darkness
to find a sliver of light
that resides there

Bill is a spider
spinning a web
to trap its prey
to feed on
the ones
he does not like

Bill is you or me
little faith in his fellow humans
befriending only who he selects
as he knows they are
ones he can trust
and lets everyone else pass by

Bill is a barn door
with only four walls
as his life long friends
Lonely World
Bill is Everything
Bill is a
Four Walls
Bill is
Bill is a Barn Door
Barn Door
In Us All
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