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Celebrity Survivor 2 Week 5

This is where you get to decide who will win Celebrity Survivor. Last week Michael Jordan and Robin Williams were voted off. Week 5 will close one week after it goes up and Week 6 will then be created. Voted Off: Lisa Bonet, Dara Torres, Eric Clapton, Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan, Robin Williams.

Who should be voted off of the Mikolu Tribe?

83% (10) Jeff Probst (Host of Survivor)
50% (6) Logan Lerman (Actor-Hoot, The Number 23)
8% (1) Jude Law (Actor-Cold Mountain, Alfie)
8% (1) Demi Lovato (Actress-Camp Rock, Sonny with a Chance, Singer-La La Land)
33% (4) Marisa Tomei (Academy Award Winning Actress for My Cousin Vinny. Also in The Wrestler)
0% (0) Jessica Alba (Actress-Fantastic 4)
16% (2) Katy Perry (Singer-I Kissed a Girl, Thinking of You)
58% (7) Leona Lewis (Singer-Bleeding Love, I will be)

12 voters have answered this question.

Who should be voted off of the Chalila Tribe?

41% (5) Jake Gyllenhaal (Actor-Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain)
8% (1) Jesse McCartney (Actor, Singer-Leavin)
8% (1) Leonardo DiCaprio (Actor-Titanic, Blood Diamond)
100% (12) Betty White (Actress-The Golden Girls)
58% (7) Vitamin C (Singer-Graduation)
16% (2) Pink (Singer-So What, Sober, Get the Party Started)

12 voters have answered this question.

Who should be voted off of the Nikimoto tribe?

0% (0) Ashton Kutcher (Actor-That 70's Show)
0% (0) Johnny Depp (Actor-Pirates of the Carribean)
0% (0) John Cena (WWE Wrestler, Actor-The Marine)
100% (12) Bruce Springsteen (Musician-Born in the USA, The Wrestler)
33% (4) Matt Damon (Actor-The Bourne Identity)
25% (3) Angelina Jolie (Academy Award Winning Actress for Girl Interrupted)
8% (1) Kristen Chenoweth (Actress-Pushing Daisies, RV)
16% (2) Jamie Lee Curtis (Actress-Halloween, Freaky Friday)
8% (1) Anne Hathaway (Actress-Get Smart, The Princess Diaries)
58% (7) Ann Coulter (Author)

12 voters have answered this question.

Which Tribe should win immunity? (the other tribes will vote someone off)

16% (2) Mikolu
50% (6) Chalila
33% (4) Nikimoto

12 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-05-06 21:07:26 by survivor&lostfan
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