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The Generation Gap Of "Personal" Questions

During the past 15 years or so, the boundaries of "Political Correctness" have taken more twists and turns than Madonna takes in bed! :) What several years ago might've been regarded as just a casual question might now result in somebody being slapped in the face or fired from their job or accused of harassment, etc. Where do you draw the line?!
In the Fall of 1986, in liberal San Francisco, a college Psychology professor asked for a show of hands among her students when she posed the simple question, "How many of you in here have never been spanked?" The class complied and answered, either way. Nothing else was said. Several years later, the same question was asked of a different group, resulting in one student going to the Dean of the college and demanding that the teacher be fired. To this student, it seemed, that simple-sounding question was just as offensive as if the teacher wouldve asked lurid details of her students' sex lives. What is your opinion?
1. The teacher did nothing wrong in asking such a question of her class?
2. The teacher got too nosey about her students' upbringing?
3. The student had just cause for seeking the professor's firing?
4. The student shouldve just kept silent and let this incident pass by so that class could move on?
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