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Liberal Vs Conservative: Which creates a better civil society?

This poll is actually going to be a team debate forum to see which political agenda would create a better place to live. In this we will create a fictional situation where the United States has been divided in 2. Liberal Democrats move to one side and govern how they want and Conservative Republicans move to the other side and govern how they want. The non fictional part will be how each one governs and the benefits and drawbacks to each society. We will need a team of conservatives to participate (example: Darkside47, PunkRock, USA, or any other conservative that wants to participate) We will need a liberal team to represent how they want their side to be governed. (example: totoro, Free Your Mind, DanH52, or any other Liberal that wants to participate) Non-Partisans are welcome to participate also. Again, go to topic called "teams" and put either "Conservative Team", "Liberal Team", or "Independent" We need at very least 2 people for each team, but it is not limited to a maximum amount of people per team. You may need to vote on subjects within your own team. Non-partisans may remain non-partisan if they so choose. In this debate we ask to refrain from name calling or insults, ALL people will be respectful and concentrate on your arguments. Step 1. We will choose teams, In the message forum there is a topic that says "teams", go on type a message that says your name and team you are on (example: John Doe - Liberal team) will not move on to step 2 until Step 1 is complete. Step 2. Conclusional topics to cover can be listed by anyone (Example: Enviornment, tax policy, immigration, Heathcare or whatever else y) We will not move to 3 until step 2 is completed. Step 3. We will point out facts that must be agreed on by BOTH TEAMS. will not move on to step 4 until step 3 is completed. Step 4. you will govern and make policies among your own team on the Conclusional topics. will not move on to step 5 until step 4 is completed Step 5. we will debate the cause and effects of the very polices that YOU YOURSELF MAKE and conclude which is OVERALL a better civil society. Liberal or Concervative. If you are a good liberal that knows you are right, here is your chance to proove it, If you are a Conservative that knows conservatism is the answer here is your chance to proove it.
Will you proove your political ideology is better? Look at the rules in the message forum to play.
no thanks, I'll just watch
This poll was created on 2009-04-30 16:04:58 by Darkside47