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Saddest Moment in Sookieverse 1-8

From your submissions, we have narrowed the field. Considering Books 1-8 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, these are the saddest moments.

From your submissions we have narrowed the field to the following - please click those you'd like to vote for and then specify which is 1st , 2nd, 3rd, and so on.

42% (3) LDID - p 196 - When Godfrey meets the sun. Out of the dark shadows next to the church a figure emerged. Godfrey. He was still bare-chested, and he still looked like a fresh-faced sixteen. Only the alien character of the tattoos and his eyes gave the lie to his body. "I came to watch," I said, when he was close to me, though maybe "bear witness" would have been more accurate. "Why?" "I owe it to you." "I am an evil creature." "Yes, you are." There just wasn't any getting around that. "But you did a good thing, saving me from Gabe." "By killing one more man? My conscience hardly knew the difference. There have been so many. At least I spared you some humilliation." His voice grabbed at my heart. The growing light in the sky was still so faint that the parking lot security lights remained on, and by their glow I examined the young, young face. All of a sudden, absurdly, I began to cry. "That's nice," Godfrey said. His voice was already remote. "Someone to cry for me at the end. I had hardly expected that." He stepped back to a safe distance. And then the sun rose.
42% (3) DD - pp 182-183 - Eric makes Bill confess his ulterior motive for moving to Bon Temps (condensed) "Ask him why he came back to Bon Temps, Sookie," Eric said very quietly...."Bill?" Eric turned to face away from me, but not before I saw a shade of pity cross his face. Nothing could have scared me more. ...Eric was turning away because he didn't want to watch the knife sliding in. "Sookie, you would have find out when you saw the queen...Maybe I could have kept it from you, because you won't understand... but Eric has taken care of that." ...When your cousin Hadley was becoming the queen's favorite..." And suddenly I saw it all, knew what he was going to say, and I rose up on the hospital bed with a gasp, one hand to my chest because I felt my heart shattering. But Bill's voice went on, even though I shook my head violently. "Apparently, Hadley talked about you and your gift..." Bill was looking down at the floor, didn't see my left hand extended to him in a "stop" motion. "She ordered me to return to my human home, to put myself in your way, to seduce you if I had to..." I couldn't breathe. ...I couldn't stop the decimaton of my heart, the slideof the knife deeper into my flesh. "She wanted your gift harnessed for her own use," he said. ... "Get out," I said, with a terrible effort. Whatever else happened, I could not bear for him to see the pain he had caused. ..."I never want to see you again, ever in my life," I whispered. "Ever."...Bill turned and walked past the curtain and out of the emergency room. ...
42% (3) DD p 185-187 - The Walk Home (condensed) - I wanted to scream. I wanted to kill someone with my bare hands. I had to be by myself. ...With some difficulty, I eased off the bed. My feet were still bare...I wanted out of there. Beyond that, I didn't know. ...I supported myself with a hand against a wall and kept moving to the doors, to the outside. ...A homeless man stepped in front of me. "you got any change, sister?" he asked. "I'm down on my luck, too." "Do I LOOK like I have ANYTHING?" I asked him, in a reasonable voice. He looked as unnerved as the nurse had. He said, "Sorry," and backed away. I took a step after him. I screamed "I HAVE NOTHING!" And then I said, in a perfectly calm voice, "See I never had anything to start with." ...I couldn't have stood dealing with anyone in the world just then. I'd been blindsided with the most painful knowledge: the first man to ever say he loved me had never loved me at all. ..."I saved his life," I said, amazed. ..."Oh my God. I killed someone for HIM." ...
14% (1) ATD p 180-181 - After the Blood Bond - I'd been walking as if something was chasing me, which in a nonliteral way was absolutely true, and I'd been thinking about the damn suitcase so I wouldn't have to think about anything else. But when I reached the landing, I came to a complete stop. Now that I was out of sigh and truly alone, I took a moment to stand still, one hand resting against the wall, I let myself react to what had just happened. I began shaking, and when I touched my neck, I realized my collar felt funny. I pulled the material out and away and did a sort of sideways downward squinch to have a look at it. The collar was stained with my blood. Tears began flooding my eyes, and I sank to my haunches of that bleak staircase in a city far from home.
14% (1) FDTW p 219-222 - Sookie breaks up with Quinn (condensed) - ...I sat down opposite the man I'd hoped to love. ..."Sookie, what could I have done?" he asked. "What could I have done?" THere was an edge of anger in his voice. "What can I do?" I asked in return, because I had no answer for him. ..."So you're breaking up with me because of my mother," he said. He sounded bitter and I didn't blame him. "Yes," I said after a moment's inner testing of my own resolve. "I think I am..." ..."Yet, knowing all this, and knowing I care for you, you don't want to see me anymore," Quinn said, biting each word out. "you don't want to try to make it work." ..."last night was just too much for me...your mom and Frannie...Well, they're your family. They're...dependent. They have to have you. They'll always come first." ...This was the hardest part. "I want to be first. I know that's selfish, and maybe unattainable, and maybe shallow. But I just want to come first with someone. If that's wrong of me, so be it. I'll be wrong. But that's the way I fell." "Then there's nothing left to talk about, " Quinn said after a moment's thought. He looked at my bleakly. I couldn't disagree. His big hands flat on the table, he pushed to his feet and left. I felt like a bad person. I felt miserable and bereft. I felt like a selfish bitch. But I let him walk out the door.
14% (1) FDTW p 303-304 - Sookie stands in for Jason and breaks Calvin's hand (condensed) - Jason said, "I didn't think it would happen this way, Sookie." He sounded simultaneously angry, confused, and defensive. "If Calvin stands in for Crystal, I want Sookie to stand in for me," he told Maryelizabeth. I neer thought I could hate my own brother, but at that moment I found out it was possible. "So be it," said Maryelizabeth. I tried to boost myself up mentally. ...then Maryelizabeth produced a brick. She held it out to me. I began to shake my head involuntarily because I felt a heavy twinge in my stomach. Nausea did flip-flops in my bely. Looking at the comon red brick, I began to have an idea what this was going to cost me. Calvin stepped forward and took my hand. He leaned over to talk very close to my ear. "Darlin', " he said, "you have to do this. I accepted this, when I stood up for her when she married. And I knew what she was. And you know Jason. This might easily have been the other way 'round. I might be about to do this to you. And you don't heal as well. This is better. And it has to be. Our people require this." ...I pinched my lips together, and I made myself nod. Calvin gave me a bracing look and took his place by the table. He put his hand on the concrete blocks. With no further ado, Maryelizabeth handed me the brick. ...After I'd looked at it for a long minute, I said to Jason. "I don't want to talk to you again. Ever." I faced Crystal. "I hope you enjoyed it, bitch," I said, and I turend as quick as I could and brought the brick down on Calvin's hand.
14% (1) FDTW p215-216 - Eric regains his Amnesica Eric memories - I trudged back to my bedroom and pushed the door open, intending to wash my face or brush my teeth or make some stab at smoothing my hair, because I thought it might make me feel a little less trampled. Eric was sitting on my bed, his face buried in his hands. He look up at me as I entered, and he looked shocked. Well, no wonder, with the very thorough takeover and traumatic changing of the guard. "Sitting here on your bed, smelling your scent," he said in a voice so low I had to strain to hear it. "Sookie...I remember everything." "Oh, HELL," I said, and went in the bathroom and shut the door. I brushed my hair and my teeth and scrubbed my face, but I had to come out. I was being as cowardly as Quinn if I didn't face the vampire. Eric started talking hte minute I emerged. "I can't believe I--" "Yeah, yeah, I know, loved a mere human, made all those promises, was as sweet as pie and wanted to stay with me forever." I muttered. Surely there was a shortcut we could take through this scene. "I can't believe I felt something so strongly and was so happy for the first time in hundreds of years," Eric said with some dignity. "Give me some credit for that, too." ...Coming on top of all these events, I didn't think I could cope with an Eric who'd just had a revelation. "Can we talk about this some other time, if we have to talk about it?" I asked. "Yes," he said after a long pause. "Yes. This isn't the right moment." "I don't know that any time will be right for this conversation." "But we're going to have it," Eric said. "Eric...oh, okay." I made an "erase" movement wiht my hand. "I'm glad the new regime wants to keep you on." "It would hurt you if I died." "Yeah, we're blood bound, yadda yadda." "Not because of the bond."..."Okay, you're right. It would hurt me if you died..."
28% (2) DTTW p 226 - Eric's curse is broken and Sookie checks her reactions to him - Even a few nights of intimacy had softened me enough that I had to watch my actions. Once I almost stroked his hair as I passed him; and once I bent to give him a kiss, and had to pretend I'd dropped something on the floor.
28% (2) CD p 7-8 Bill ignores Sookie for project (condensed) - "well if you're so absorbed in your project, I'll just stay away until it's over," I said slowly. "That might be best," Bill said, after a perceptible pause, and I felt like he'd socked me in the stomach. ...I was trying not to cry, so I didn't look at him even after I felt Bill's hand touch my shoulder. "I have to tell you something," Bill said in his cold, smooth voice. ..."If anything happens to me," he continued (and here's where I should have begun worrying), "you must look in the hiding place I built at your house. My computer should be in it, and some disks. Don't tell anyone. If the computer isn't in the hiding place, come over to my house and see if it's here. Come in the daytime, and come armed. ..."If I'm not back, or if you don't get word from me, in say...eight weeks--yes, eight weeks, then tell Eric everything I said to you today. And place yourself under his protection." I didn't speak. I was too miserable to be furious, but it wouldnt be long before I reached meltdown..."I am going to...Seattle son," Bill said. ...He was lying. ...Again I inclined my head, not risking speech because I was actually crying now. I would rather have died than let him see the tears. And that was how I left him, that cold December night.
14% (1) CD - p 24-27 - Pam tells Sookie Bill lied to her (condensed) - "Bill's missing, " Pam said, shooting from the conversational hip. "No, he's not. He's in Seattle," I said. Willfully obtuse..."He lied to you." I absorbed that, made a "come on" gesture with my hand. "He's been in Mississippi all this time. He drove to Jackson." I stared down at the heavily polyurethane-coated wood of the bar. I'd pretty much figured Bill had lied to me, but hearing it said out loud, badly, hut like hell. He'd lied to me, and he was missing. ..."He had--bad news he was going to tell you," Pam said suddently. ...Not only was Bill missing and possibly dead--permanently dead--but he had lied to me about where he was going and why, and he'd kept some important secret from me, something concerning me. The pain went so deep, I could not even feel the wound. But I knew I would later. ...I was as wounded and as angry as it was possible for me to be. Or at least I thought I was. Subsequent revelations would prove me wrong.
28% (2) CD - p 46-48 - Eric explains about Lorena (condensed) - Her came the Big Bad. ..."Bill was summoned to Mississippi," Eric told me, "by a vampire -- a female -- he'd known many years ago. ..."Her name," I said. "Lorena," He said reluctantly. Or maybe he wanted to tell me all along, and the reluctance was just for show. ..."But whatever her intention in asking him to meet her there...what excuse she gave him for not coming here...maybe he was just being careful of you..." I wanted to die at that moment. I took a deep breath and looked down at our joined hands. I was too humiliated to look in Eric's eyes. "He was -- he became -- instantly enthralled with her, all over again. After a few nights, he called Pam to say that he was coming home early without telling you, so he could arrange your future care before he saw you again." "Future care?" I sounded like a crow. "Bill wanted to make a financial arrangement for you." The shock of it made me blanch. "Pension me off," I said humbly. No matter how well he had meant, Bill coud not have offered me any greater offense. When he'd been in my life, it had never occurred to him to ask me how my finances were faring - though he could hardly WAIT to help his newly discovered descendants, the Bellefleurs. But when he was going to be out of my life, and felt guilty for leaving pitiful, pitiable me--then he started worrying...
14% (1) CD - p238 - After Bill has been rescued and Sookie & Bill are laying on floor in the apt next door next door to Alcide's - We lay there in silence for what seemed like a long time, though maybe it was only minutes. My body nestled into his out of habit and out of a deep need; though I didn't know if the need was for Bill specifically, or the intimacy I'd only shared with him. I hated him. I loved him. ...
14% (1) DD - p 318-319 - Bill comes by Hadley's apt - "I have to talk to you," he said, and his voice was so quiet and limp that I took a step out of the apratment. I sad down on the gallery floor, and he sat with me. "You have to let me say this, just once," he said. "I loved you. I love you." I raised a hand to protest, and he said, "No, let me finish. She sent me there, true. But when I met you -- after I came to know you -- I really ...loved you." How long after he'd taken me to bed had this supposed love come about? How could I possibly believe him, since he'd lied so convincingly from the very moment I'd met him -- playing disinterested because he could read my fascination with the first vampire I'd ever met? "I risked my life for you," I said, the words coming out in a halting swquence. "I gave Eric power over me forever, for your sake, when I took his blood. I killed someone for you. This is not somthing I take for granted, even if you do...even if that's everyday existence for you. It's not, for me. I don't know if I can ever not hate you." ...dont' come into Merlotte's any more, don't hang around in my woods, and don't do anything else for me. I dont want to see you again." "I love you," he said stubbornly, as if that fact were so amazing and such an undeniable truth that I should believe him. Well, I had, and look where it had gotten me...
42% (3) DUD - p 137 - Sookie finds Gran - Something was wrong. I stopped in the middle of the living room. I looked around me. Everything looked all right, didn't it? Yes. Everything was in its proper place. It was the smell. It was a sort of penny smell. A coppery smell, sharp and salty. The smell of blood. It was down here with me, not upstairs where the guest bedrooms sat in neat solitude. "Gran?" I called. I hated the quavering in my voice. I made myself move, I made myself go to the door of her room. It was Pristine. I began switching on lights as I went through the house. My room was just as I'd left it. The bathroom was empty. The washroom was empty. I switched on the last light. The kitche was ... I screamed over and over. My hands were fluttering uselessly in the air, trembling more with each scream. I heard a crash behind me, but couldn't be concerned. Then big hands gripped me and moved me, and a big body was between me and what I'd seen on the kitchen floor....

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