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Sookie Sookie Sookie

Finally it is Sookie's week ALL to herself. :) Enjoy.

Choose Sookie's best Kick Ass moment. Choose 2

32% (19) Running over Sigebert with her car
28% (17) Using Jason's chain to interrupt the Rattrays from draining Bill
15% (9) Leaping onto Priscilla (in wolf form) to aid Lion-Sam
5% (3) Using her broken necklace to stop Charles from attacking her
6% (4) Standing up the the Ancient Pythoness during the trial to explain "the truth" of the situation
44% (26) Staking Lorena
32% (19) Shooting Debbie Pelt
0% (0) Interrupting the Pack Master competition to explain that Furnan was "cheating"
13% (8) Using a book to disarm the library bandit
6% (4) Firing the shotgun into the ceiling in the Service Station to get the Weres' attention.

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What do you think the long term affects of the Blood Bond will be?

8% (5) Being bonded to Eric will destroy any chances Sookie has at any normal relationship with another male creature
13% (8) She will learn to love it eventually
8% (5) She will never like it but it will end up saving her life someday
6% (4) She will become more accustomed to it and it won't affect her relationships with other males
5% (3) She will come to hate Eric because of it
57% (34) It will eventually be just like her telepathy; she'll learn to live with it and use it to her advantage and to make the best of any situation - but it might bother her on occasion, just like her telepathy does

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Choose Sookie's best defensive move from the following. Choose 2

71% (42) Univiting Mickey into her duplex in DaaD
42% (25) Revealing her breast in DD
15% (9) Talking loudly at the accident scene in LDID so that witnesses would intervene and not let the FotS women take control of the situation
11% (7) Shutting the door to her kitchen when her house was on fire
40% (24) Cupping her hands and clapping them over Gabe's ears to disable him in LDID
8% (5) Having Amelia & Octavia disentangle Tanya from Sandra Pelt's influence

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Choose the Best Telepathic "Over Hear"

15% (9) From Quinn, "He loved the smell of me, the touch of me, the way my lips felt."
35% (21) From Quinn, "Yes, yes, yes, yes. Please. Please, please."
30% (18) From Quinn "He liked me too; right at the moment, he like me a whole bunch. He wanted to like me right up against the wall."
5% (3) From JB "Sookie was still built wonderful. He wished he could screw her right now. She was so sweet and nice."
13% (8) From Lilly in Daad "No, I discovered she really was the neat freak she seemed and she really had been unable to withstand my turned-up collar."

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Choose the Worst Telepathic "Over-Hear"

37% (22) From Rene - The death of his sister and glimpses into his darkness and the other killings
20% (12) From Alcee Beck - The revulsion he felt towards Sookie for dating a vampire and his degrading thoughts about Lafayette being a disgrace to the black community
15% (9) From Orgy Participants - The killing of Lafayette
27% (16) From Andy - When he deliberately thought terrible things toward her in order to get a reaction

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Best Wardrobe Ensemble. Choose 2

20% (12) Red-flowered dress in DUD
10% (6) Laced up jeans and bared tummy shirt (Britney outfit) in LDID
33% (20) Ice-Blue beaded gown in ATD
3% (2) FotS "regular-gal" disguise in LDID
18% (11) Lime-Green chiffon dress in DD
11% (7) Fire Engine Red dress in CD
5% (3) Halleigh's bridesmaid dress in FDTW
1% (1) The old blue nightgown
13% (8) Denim skirt, red tights, red tee and Mary Janes in DaaD
23% (14) Eric's shirt in LDID
42% (25) Tight jeans, white sweater and the cranberry coat in DaaD
5% (3) Daisy-Mae's cutoffs for the Orgy

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Best Internal Monologue

10% (6) Mr. Cataliades just looked shocked, as if a monkey had begun to speak to him in iambic pentameter.
5% (3) I guessed that Maxwell would get a nice toy for Christmas, and Bill - whoops Namelss - would get ashes and switches.
8% (5) "Don't look poor"
13% (8) I was sure I would have heard if the highway patrol had decided to start shooting speeders instead of ticketing them
13% (8) Alcide & Eric were both big men and the room really seemed crowded all of a sudden. Maybe their egos were using up all the oxygen.
5% (3) "Aren't you sweet," Eric observed, and I hoped he was thinking of my character
18% (11) [When Eric is attempting to glamor Sookie] I risked a quick peek and sure enough he was looking at me expectantly. Was I supposed to pull of my dress? Bark like a dog? Kick Bill in the shins? Shit.
0% (0) [After Sookie suggests to Bill & Eric that they don't have to return to Russell's to check on Bubba and that they could just call] - They both stared at me like I was turning into a frog
27% (16) I felt a lurch of desire and came very close to saying, "What the hell, take me now, you big Viking."
30% (18) After that, I went to the grocery store. No weres attacked, no vampires rose. No one tried to kill me or anyone I knew. no secret relatives revealed themselves, and not a soul tried to involve me in his or her problems, marital or otherwise. I was practically reeking with normality by the time I got home.

59 voters have answered this question.

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