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The Attack on Iraq

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In the early morning, President Clinton ordered the air attack of Baghdad as a surprise response to Saddam Hussein's refusal to allow UN weapons inspectors into key installations. While the President asserts the timing was advised by his chief military advisors, the Republican members of Congress have reacted almost violently stating the attack is a diversion from impeachment proceedings. What do you think?

Should we have attacked Iraq for non-compliance with UN resolutions?

28% (4) Yes
42% (6) No
28% (4) Not Sure

14 voters have answered this question.

Do you believe the action was taken to draw attention from the impeachment vote in the House? The President cited several reasons for the timing and asserts this is not the case.

35% (6) It's a diversion
35% (6) It's the proper action
29% (5) Both

17 voters have answered this question.

Was Saddam Hussein attempting to take advantage of the political turmoil in the US?

29% (5) Of course
35% (6) Maybe
35% (6) Definately not

17 voters have answered this question.

Is it proper for a member of Congress to personally denounce a sitting President in such a vehiment fashion?

50% (8) No, it's inappropriate to react with such venom
50% (8) Yes, they should slam the President

16 voters have answered this question.

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