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Homosexual elephant in Polish zoo

In Poland, a homosexual elephant has caused controversy, with politicians speaking out on the matter. See this link:


What is your opinion on this matter? Give your opinions here.
1. Is this elephant a sinner?
Yes. All homosexual behaviour is sin.
No. Homosexuality is only sinful in humans.
No. The elephant has a right to choose its own sexuality.
I don't know
No opinion
2. Should the elephant repent?
Yes, this elephant must repent of its sin
No, the elephant has a right to choose its sexuality
I don't know
No opinion
3. Is this elephant being influenced by Satan the Devil?
Yes, unquestionably!
Yes, I kind of think so
I'm not sure
There is no Satan you silly fool!!
There is a Devil, but he/she does not cause homosexuality. It is normal to be gay.
No opinion
4. The Book of Leviticus, in the Holy Bible, states that the penalty for homosexuality should be death! (Lev.20:13). Should this elephant be put to death?
Yes, immediately!
Yes, if it does not repent
Possibly, I'm not sure
The elephant should be punished but not killed
No, homosexuality is only a sin in human beings
No you silly old fool!!
No opinion
5. What should happen now? What should we do in this situation? What is your chosen course of action?
Execute the elephant immediately, to halt the detestable sin
Punish the elephant for its behaviour, and try to persuade it to turn heterosexual
The elephant is young and probably just confused. It will turn straight in a few years
Pray for the elephant
Give the elephant electric shock treatment to dissuade it from homosexual behaviour
Look, it's just a gay elephant, OK? Deal with it.
The situation is terrible, but I don't know what we should do
I don't know and I don't care
No opinion whatsoever
Other answer (feel free to post on messageboard)
6. Homosexual behaviour has been observed many times in the animal kingdom. Dogs, penguins, elephants and others have been seen doing it. What is your opinion on this? (You may check more than one answer)
It shows that Satan the Devil is influencing the animal kingdom as well as the human race
It shows that the End is near, and that God will soon step in to put a stop to this wickedness
It is very sinful, and we should kill animals if they practise homosexual behaviour
It is sinful, but there's nothing much we can do about it
It shows that animals suffer from mental illness and aberration as well as humans
I am not concerned about homosexuality in animals, but still believe it is sinful in human beings
God will judge the animals involved. It is not for us to judge them
Well, it just shows that homosexuality is perfectly normal behaviour!!!!
I have no opinion on animal homosexuality
Other answer (I will post it on the messageboard)
Other answer (but I'm bone idle and can't be bothered to post it)
This is a great poll!
This is a stupid poll!
Moooo! Salmon fishcakes! Moooo!
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