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Emma Watson vs Jessica Biel

The biggest fight of the year. Emma Watson (18) and Jessica Biel (27) go at it. Who will win this fight, the 5'6, 110lbs Emma or the 5'7, 108 lbs Jessica? Let the fight begin...
Emma Watson enters the match with a white t-shirt and green jeans and sees Jessica Biel standing there with a white tang-top and jeans on. the fight begins with...
Emma Watson slapping Jessica
Jessica Biel slapping Emma
The woman recovers and the fight continues when...
Emma shoots in on Jessica's legs and takes her down to her stomach
Jessica puts Emma in a head-lock and pins her down
The girl escapes and both women are on their knees when...
Emma overpowers Jessica forces her down on the ground
Jessica simply overpowers Emma and forces her down on the ground
The girls get off the ground and the fight continues...
Emma starts squeazing Jessica's breasts until she starts to cry
Jessica bear hugs Emma until she screams in pain
Both girls are exhausted, and the fight is nearing an end. who is more tired?
Emma as she puts her hands on her head, gasping for air
Jessica, with her hands on her hips coughing and taking deep breaths of air
To win the fight...
Emma breast smothers Jessica
Jessica breast smothers Emma
who's hotter
Emma Watson
Jessica Biel
who is stronger
Emma Watson
Jessica Biel
Ladies: who could u beat in a fight?
Emma (easily)
Emma (after a long fight)
Jessica (easily)
Jessica (after a long fight)
I'd loose to both of them, but give them a tough match
They would completely dominate me!!!
both of them (close)
I would dominate both of them!!!
Guys: could you beat Emma in a fight?
yes (easily)
yes (after a long fight)
no (after a long fight)
no (easily)
Guys: could u beat Jessica in a fight
yes (easily)
yes (after a long fight)
no (after a long fight)
no (easily)
This poll was created on 2009-04-09 16:30:55 by dwigt2