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would you rather

questions asking you whoch question you would rather do
would you rather
jump off a bridge for the love of your life and die
or have the life of your life jump off a bridge for you and die
would you rather
eat a tub of mustard
eat a tub of mayonaise
would you rather
be fat and popular
or pretty and hated
would you rather
die without a girlfriend/boyfriend but have tons of friends
or live with a girlfriend/boyfriend without friends
would you rather
be pretty and bald
or ugly and hairy
would you rather
famous and have fake friends
be totally normal and have tons of friends
would you rather
be a dog
or a cat
would you rather
be a boy named decker
or a girl named jordan
would you rather
get peed on
or get thrown up on
would you rather
babysit 5 todlers
or be forced to hang out with your brother/sister and ALL of their friends for an entire 24 hours
would you rather(if you are/were a girl)
kiss harry potter
or kiss edward cullen
would you rather
fart in front of your crush
or burp while kissing ur crush
This poll was created on 2009-04-01 06:48:57 by stephgymnast