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Hollywood Hot Bodies

Choose the date for your ultimate weekend freak out and Hollywoods current bevy of beauties. Select one now but feel free to come back another day to select a different voyeuristic fantasy!

Who's your freak?

4% (28) Scarlett Johansson - Lana Turner glamor and talent... Nuff said!
5% (40) Aishwarya Rai - The ultimate curry spice delicacy and definitely one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. What's Hindi for, "I wanna worship all up and down your temple my goddess using more hands than Vishnu!"
9% (63) Megan Fox - What's in a name? Snatched it right away from Viveca A. One helluva foxxx! Transform me baby!
5% (37) Halle Berry - Stone cold foxy in her forties! Since the homies couldn't do her Justice maybe Aubry will.
4% (30) Kate Beckinsale - Standard Bearer of the British Beauty Invasion. Come to me exquisite one and I'll rock your Underworld!
2% (16) Angelina Jolie - Arguably the one actress today with the seductive prowess of Ann-Margret & Brigette Bardot in their heyday. Jennie, don't blame Brad. Billy Bob, you're the dumbest redneck on the planet!
1% (9) Monica Bellucci - Speaking of forties, this pasta 'perfeccionne' is still one of the most beautiful women in the world.
0% (6) Roselyn Sanchez - I wonder how many guys got slapped by their date when she walked past them on Condado Beach? The hottest hardbody in Hollywood today? She needs casting calls worthy of head-to-toe perfection!
0% (6) Paz Vega - Most delectable dish to come out of Spain since Paella. Fade to this black, momasita!!!
0% (4) Stacey Dash - A little dash will do me just fine!
6% (42) Jessica Alba - Sucks that she insists on body doubles with THAT body. Morals... Don't go invisible on me baby!
3% (24) Elisha Cuthbert - A couple of adjustments to a certain movie script and reincarnate me as the wax on this torso!!!
1% (11) Monica Keena - I need some ice... FAST!
0% (2) Catherine Zeta Jones - She's Welch and another in the tradition of legendary British beauty. Liz Taylor comes to mind. Michael you married up... WAY UP!!!
2% (16) Nikki Ziering - More movies, less clothes, please!
2% (15) Grace Park - Perfect example of the difference between Koreans & Japanese; Korean babes are scorching!!!
4% (33) Beyoncé Knowles - To our voyeuristic delight, she is making more films. The dubious cleavage (implants??) is redeemed by a flawless countenance and azz that won't quit. Notice that sistas don't need botox in the booty!
0% (3) Charlize Theron - Lauren Bacall of the new millenium?
2% (17) Gabrielle Union - Clazz and azz in the same package!
1% (7) Emmanuelle Vaugier - My ultimite fantasy is to get lost in Banth and Emmie's the Forest Ranger who finds me.
0% (1) Laura Vandervoort - Gene Tierney's Laura portrait comes to mind.
5% (40) Amy Kerr - Note to casting directors: Idiots! Give this bombshell more than bit parts! If she can't act that's what skin flicks are for!
0% (5) Emmanuelle Chriqui - Will somebody please cast this hottie in a watchable movie!
0% (5) Meagan Good - Duke Ellington had his black & tan fantasy... You're mine!
0% (5) Asia Argento - Hold up, gotta get my FREAK on, BIG TIME!!!
0% (2) Natasha Henstridge - My kind of Species!
0% (3) Diora Baird - Truth be told, you can be my centerfold!
0% (6) Raquel Alessi - Hmmm... A barbeque in Malibu with a ride on my Harley down PCH with you inbetween me and the ape hangers... Damn, who woke me up!!!
0% (4) Marisol Nichols - Don't know her? Google and 'oogle' on this!
1% (7) Maria Grazia Cucinotta - In the tradition of Sophia Loren, some beauty never ages.
1% (9) Naomi Watts - My definition of an eco friendly power source. Gotta gorilla hug for you, babe.
4% (28) Sofia Vergara - Colombia's "legal" narcotic export. Another hot honey in need of a watchable film!
4% (28) Denyce Lawton - One helluva boodyliscious beat me baddd Seoul sista born in land of Boolgogi!
2% (15) Nadia Bjorlin - Tell me this blossom won't be relegated to soap celluloid! I know Redline sucked but this beauty belongs on the big screen (in thongs preferrably.)
0% (5) Natassia Malthe - Makes me sing, "I'll have it Norway!"
1% (8) Estella Warren - Owwwww! Enough heat to survive a Canadian winter. Let's synchronize swim in our birthday suits, baby!
0% (1) Jessica Biel - If your marriage goes Timmmbeeer, give me a call honey.
0% (1) Lindsay Lohan - How 'lo' can you go and will you remember me in the morning?
0% (0) Ali Landry - Okay, what's more important: Great acting or a great bod? Well 'Bella' is supposed to be good.
0% (4) Vanessa Minnillo - Hottie Philipino, stay away from disaster movies like you avoid Mindinao. Hint: If Carmen Electra's in the cast, BAIL LIKE HELL!!!
1% (11) Jennifer Love Hewitt - Emphasis on LOVE that NATURAL scintillating body you bow-legged beauty!
1% (7) Susan Ward - Killer body wasted in dead films!
0% (5) Hayden Panettiere - Young, fresh, tender, and just out of jailbait age!
1% (10) Lucy Liu - Juicy Lucy, I love Liu lots!
0% (5) Katherine Heigl - You're the cure for anything illin' babe. Forget Grey's anatomy and be my love doctor or better yet, my Sweedish nurse!
0% (4) Mallika Sherawat - Another of the plethora of Bollywood Bombshells. Rumor has it that she's making a crossover movie. Not that you have to know Hindi to have a lust feast on this!
1% (12) Jennifer Ellison - Please join the British invasion, there's always room here for one more Euro-foxxx!
0% (5) Rebecca Romijn - There no "mystique" about this bod, it just bad to my bone!
0% (5) Liv Tyler - Class & Elegance intertwined with Grace & Beauty. Picture Elaine Stewart on the staircase in "The Bad and the Beautiful."
0% (1) Carmen Electra - A flake with fakes?? I keep seeing images of you honeymooning with Rodman and both of you pulling off wedding dresses!
0% (3) Kristanna Loken - Too bad fly babe's acting skills should be Terminated, right BloodPAINe!
0% (4) Jessica Simpson - Next to her Loken's Academy Award material. No talent? Who cares! Ditch Romo like he's homo and let's make a Kardashian video together you Texass Twister!
0% (3) Paris Hilton - ...speaking of the Anderson/Kardashian video crowd: Terrible actress makes better politician and I'll be the scandal causing intern!
1% (7) Amy Weber - A Grade A pin-up relegated to Grade Z filmwork. Going on thirty-nine and still super fine.
0% (2) Jaime Pressly - Rounding out the Grade Z film actress set. Her movies are DOA but that body is not!
1% (7) Kelly Monaco - In the dump the Dope Soap Opera and put her in a Skin Flick, category: Have you seen this babe's nudie shots??? Inexplicitly wasted in daytime when she should be creating wet dreams at night time!

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This poll was created on 2009-03-24 21:26:11 by qwahu
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