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Lost bet to girlfreind you decide what happens

Me and my girlfriend go to rival schools and we made a bet on the football game between our schools since i am on the football team and she is on the cheer leading team. Her school one by 21 points so know i have make this poll. The bet was the loser would have to whatever this poll says!
Should i be here slave
If yes how long should i be here slave
1 day
1 month
1 season
how ever long she wants
What should she make me wear of the following
Her daisy duke outfit
Her French maid outfit
Her prom dress
Her cheer leading uniform
Her short skirt
Her tiny string bikini i bought for her
Her thong and bra
if i have to wear her cheer leading outfit i should have to in her outfit
If i have to wear her bikini she says i have to do one embarrassing thing in it so these are her ideas
wash her car in front of her cheer leading team
Go to the beach
wear it at my school
Get a Bikini tan
She also wants me to at least do one embarrassing act in front of my classmates so which one is best
Kiss her feet
Get spanked by anybody who want to spank me
Wash there car's in the string bikini
Kiss her bare ass 21 times in the daisy duke outfit
Dance with her in her prom dress
The last thing she wants me to do is Kiss her bare ass. but she wants me to kiss another person's ass to so which one would be best
My old girlfriend
Our schools cheer leading captian
our star volleyball player
Her older sister who hates me
This poll was created on 2009-03-23 21:27:34 by danielz