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What do you want from Xoops?

This poll is aimed at better understand your needs when it best comes to Xoops.

Which of the following is the most important to you?

33% (14) Xoops v2.3
14% (6) Xoops v2.4
52% (22) Xoops V3.0

42 voters have answered this question.

Regarding resources and man power, which version would you consider the least important to you?

52% (22) Xoops v2.33
28% (12) Xoops v2.4
19% (8) Xoops v3.0

42 voters have answered this question.

If Xoops decided not to develop v2.4, how would you feel about this?

52% (22) Totally ecstatic, just get version 3 here!
26% (11) I would be ok about this, but a little disappointed at the same time
19% (8) I have no feelings on this what so ever!
2% (1) Totally let down
0% (0) Man, you just ruined my life, how can you live with yourself?

42 voters have answered this question.

As a user, which of the following concerns you most?

16% (7) Documentation and support
47% (20) Safe secure working Modules
7% (3) Modern Themes and plugins
28% (12) New Core features and additions

42 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-03-17 10:36:52 by Catzwolf
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