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Dragonball Z What-Ifs

Asking your opinions on some what-if issues of Dragonball Z.
What if Cell absorbed Android 18 before Android 17?
His second form would look the same
His second form would have the many features of his third form that his second form doesn't have
What if Vegeta saw Yajirobe again, like after the Frieza Saga? (they haven't seen eachother since the Saiyan Saga)
Vegeta would kill him for cutting off his tail
Vegeta would spaz on him
Vegeta would forget the whole thing
What if Super Buu tore a hole through the Dead Zone (in the episode "Rip in the Universe") and Garlic Jr. escaped?
He would've tried to fight Vegito and got owned along with Buu
He, Vegito, and Buu would've entered a three-way battle (with Garlic Jr. as the clearly weaker, especially in his state after the Makyo Star was destroyed)
Vegito would've chucked him back into the Dead Zone
He would've run around or just layed there unable to die but unable to do any damage
What if Goku was there when Gohan asked Chi-Chi if he could go to the party at Kame House (during the Garlic Jr. Saga)?
Goku would've defended Gohan and convinced Chi-Chi to let him go
Chi-Chi would've argued with Goku about Gohan studying and eventually won
What if Zarbon had killed Vegeta on Namek (during their final battle) and Bulma fell in love with and married Zarbon?
Zarbon would eventually turn good just like Vegeta
Trunks would have green hair and/or blue skin
Trunks wouldn't have survived in the future to warn the Z Fighters about the androids and give Goku the medicine for his heart virus
Trunks wouldn't have been mean to Yajirobe
Vegeta would've been killed by Cell in the episode "Trunks Ascends", since Trunks won't be abel to transform
What if Babidi and Pui Pui hadn't killed Spopovich and Yamu?
They might've been the next Nappa and Vegeta
The Z Fighters would've taken them out
What if Cell had regurgitated Android 17 instead of Android 18?
Nothing much, since Krillin wouldn't have taken him to the Lookout like he did 18, and he would've gone the same way he did when he was wished back with the Dragonballs
Krillin would've eventually tracked down 18 anyway once she was wished back with the Dragonballs
What if Goku had knocked out Jeice instead of Burter?
Burter would've continued to fight Goku and get knocked out or killed
Burter would've gone to get Ginyu
What if Goten and Trunks hadn't been forced to enter the Junior Division (as opposed to the adult division)?
Egessa (that mean kid who Trunks defeated in the first round) would've won the junior division
One of the other kids would have won
What if Goku and/or Vegeta was on Earth during the Garlic Jr. Saga?
Goku and Vegeta would've easily beaten the Spice Boys and fought Garlic Jr. until he was forced to open the Dead Zone... what happens next should be obvious
Goku and Vegeta would've been controlled by the Black Water Mist, and therefore Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo would have to fight them too
What if Goku hadn't blasted Great Ape Vegeta in his right eye?
He would've crushed him with his finger
He would've shot a finger beam at him
What if Hercule hadn't asked everyone on Earth to give up their energy for Goku's Spirit Bomb?
Kid Buu would've destroyed the entire universe
Kid Buu would've demolished the entire universe
Kid Buu would've annihilated the entire universe
Kid Buu would've obliterated the entire universe
Kid Buu would've made the entire universe gone
This poll was created on 2009-03-12 15:59:45 by Ghostkaiba297