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Obama, Worse president in American history?

Is Barrack Hussein Obama already well on his way to becoming the worse president ever, His entire political career experience before president is 143 days in the senate where he voted "present" most of the time. He has never ran a business in his life and has many anti-American connections. But this poll will ask what you think of the job he has done since he has been in office.
whether you voted for Obama or not, does it bother you that Obama's treasury secretary Tim Guithner is a certified tax cheater, yet now he is the head of the IRS?
Yes, It bothers me
No, who cares
whether you voted for Obama or not, does it bother you that at least 5 people Obama has appointed are tax cheats?
Yes, it bothers me, a republican could never get away with that!
No, it's no big deal
Does it bother you that the Congressional Budget Office has declared Barrack Obama the most fiscally irresponsible president in American history only 3 weeks into his first administration?
Yes! that is a very troubling thing!
No way, who does the CBO think they are saying that!!?? Hope and Change!!!
I don't care
whether you voted for Obama or not, does it bother you that he promised no lobbyists in his administration, yet he now has 17 lobbyists in his administration?
It bothers me, and shows that he is a liar and/or a hippocrit
IT DOESN"T MATTER JERK!!!......HOPE....and huh....AND CHANGE!!!!!
whether you voted for Obama or not, does it bother you that Obama made Eric Holder his attorney general, a man that pardoned FALN terrorists including Marc Rich?
That part does bother me! what was Obama thinking?! ....then again I'm not really that surprised.
Who really cares man!! .....dude, .....change. and hope bro.. come on
whether you voted for Obama or not, does it bother you that Obama made Leon Panetta the head of the CIA? a left wing college proffessor with no intelligence experiance at all, a move that has shocked everyone in the intellegence communitee!
What an insane dumb pick for CIA director!! It bothers me very much and I feel less safe!!!
I think it is a good pick........ hope and change.
whether you voted for Obama or not, does it bother you that Obama promised to veto any bill with pork or special interest earmarks?, Yet His first major "stimulus bill" was declared 91% pork by the CBO and his newst bill has over 9000 earmarks.
It does bother me, what a nightmare!
All that technical stuff doesn't matter, what matters is ....Hope and .....and Change!
whether you voted for Obama or not, Does it bother you that Obama is from the most politically corrupt district in American history?
Yes, that does bother me at least a little
That don't bother me!! In fact I think it's a plus!! ...hope and change
I don't care about that part
whether you voted for Obama or not, Do you think the stock market has nose dived even more because of his policies?
It has. this recession is going to take even longer to get out of because of Obama. Let's be realistic, he's not helping at all
If the stock market stays in the toilet I will blame George Bush, except if it gets better then I will give Obama credit.......Hope and Change.
Obama wants to put another 17,000 to 19,000 troops in Afghanistan, now whether you agree with that or not, ........Imagine if John McCain won and HE was the one putting those troops in Afghanistan. Would Liberals be screaming at the top of their lungs McCain is a "war monger"? (even though they aren't saying that about Obama)
There IS a double standard, and Liberals WOULD be flailing their arms and screeching republicans are war mongers if McCain had won and HE put the troops in.
No way, there is not a double standard that favors democrats, Liberals support Obamas decision for a troop surge in Afghanistan, just like they would support a troop surge in Afghanistan from McCain.
I don't support a troop surge from Obama, nor would I from McCain.
whether you voted for Obama or not does it bother you that He has issued a record setting amount of executive orders in a VERY SHORT of time. we are already up to 8 or 9..... 5 in his first 2 and a half days.
It does bother me! He is acting like a dictator!! Liberals would scream "dictator" every time George Bush issued 1. ...But Hypothetically Liberals wouldn't mind King Obama issuing 100 executive orders a day.
It doesn't bother me,... because he is issuing orders to make hope and change.
Now even though these are ALL legitimate questions that people want to know, Do you think this poll will get under liberals skin? and will they say this poll spews hate and start writing nasty messages? I sure hope so, what about you?
This poll will piss them off, and now I feel good inside.
hope and change
This poll was created on 2009-03-05 15:55:44 by Darkside47