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Pop Culture Spankings IV

Choose the outcome as these celebrities paddle it out for your votes!
Rising stars Megan Fox, Ellen Page, and Kristen Stewart
Megan spanks Ellen
Megan spanks Kristen
Ellen spanks Megan
Ellen spanks Kristen
Kristen spanks Megan
Kristen spanks Ellen
American The Office co-workers Pam Beasly, Angela Martin, and Kelly Kapoor
Pam spanks Angela
Pam spanks Kelly
Angela spanks Pam
Angela spanks Kelly
Kelly spanks Pam
Kelly spanks Angela
Famed rivals Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie
Jennifer teaches Angelina a new lesson over her knee
Angelina adopts a new method of punishment for Jen
Actresses/singers/fashionistas/humanitarians Nicole Kidman, Gwen Stefani, and Helena Bonham-Carter
Nicole spanks Gwen
Nicole spanks Helena
Gwen spanks Nicole
Gwen spanks Helena
Helena spanks Nicole
Helena spanks Gwen
Billboard Chart-Toppers Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, and Taylor Swift
Ms. Perry spanks GaGa (and likes it)
Ms. Perry spanks Taylor swiftly
Lady GaGa spanks Katy
Lady GaGa spanks Taylor
Ms. Swift spanks Katy
Ms. Swift spanks GaGa
Women in Scrubs Dr. Elliot Reid and nurse Carla Espinosa
Elliot spanks the attitude out of Carla
Carla spanks some attitude into Elliot
Red carpet dazzlers Scarlet Johannson, Freida Pinto, and Evan Rachel Wood
Scarlet spanks Freida
Scarlet spanks Evan
Freida spanks Scarlet
Freida spanks Evan
Evan spanks Scarlet
Evan spanks Freida... with a hairbrush why not
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