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Halo Poll

I'm curious. I want to know how many people would volunteer to be test subjects for a super-soldier program like the Spartan II program from the Halo videogame series. The procedures would more than double your strength, increase hand eye coordination by a slightly greater margin than your strength, and endurance/ vitality by a slightly smaller margin than your strength. You would be 25% taller, run about a third faster, and could experience a boost in creativity and memory. In addition to the above, your bones would be next to unbreakable. Finally, if you agreed to continue serving the organization that made you super human, you would get to wear and use a suit of armor that doubled your strength again, and has a protective energy shield, as well as a heads up display in the helmet visor. Sounds cool, right? Well, .......the down side is that 40% of those who undergo the procedure die, and another 16% are crippled for life. (Ie: Blindness, elephantaisis, parkinson's disease, fletcher's syndrome, etc.
So......would you volunteer?
For either answer, why?
If you survived, would you serve as a super-soldier, or would you go back to your normal life?
For either, why?
Reguardless of whether you chose to serve as a super-soldier, if you found out that the super-soldiers created by this program were being used to indescriminately eliminate those who oppose the organization that created them, what would you do?
Are you a Guy or Girl?
How old are you?
This poll was created on 2009-02-21 02:03:35 by Erynn Collier