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Weapons, Fighting & Death

This week's poll is all about violence and death. Your favorite death scenes, weapons, fights and use of props/weapons within a fight. ENJOY.

Choose your favorite TWO death scenes.

36% (31) In LDID - Godfrey meeting the Sun
21% (18) In DUD, Eric staking Long Shadow
4% (4) In LDID - Godfrey squeezing Gabe to death
54% (46) In CD - Sookie staking Lorena
23% (20) In DTTW - Sookie shooting Debbie Pelt
4% (4) In FDTW - Sam (as lion) biting the head nearly off of a were
27% (23) In DAAD - Merlotte's patrons offing Charles Twining
4% (4) In Dracula Night - Sookie staking fake Dracula
14% (12) In ATD - Quinn staking Andre
8% (7) In DD - Quinn disemboweling the kidnapper

85 voters have answered this question.

Choose your TWO favorite fight or battle scenes.

28% (24) In FDTW - Sam fighting in lion form during the Were War
55% (47) In DD - The battle at the Queen's reception
32% (28) In DTTW - The Witch War battle
17% (15) In LDID - The meanad's attack on the depraved humans at the orgy.
34% (29) In FDTW - Eric decaptiating Sigebert.
15% (13) In CD - Sookie & Lorena cat fight
15% (13) In DUD - Sookie defending Bill against the Rats

85 voters have answered this question.

Choose your favorite THREE best use of weapons or *props*

31% (27) In FDTW - Sookie uses her car to run over Sigebert
4% (4) In DD - Sookie uses stun gun at the Pelt Cabin
9% (8) In DUD - Sookie uses chain from Jason's truck to fight Rattrays
63% (54) In DD - Eric uses Wybert's decapitated head to "bowl for vampires"
29% (25) In CD - Sookie uses the stake used on her to kill Lorena
17% (15) In FDTW, Sookie uses a book to take down the assailant in the library
9% (8) In DUD - Sookie using Rene's knife off his workbelt to stab him
23% (20) In DAAD - Sookie using her silver necklace against Charles Twining by shoving it into his mouth
3% (3) In Dracula Night - Sookie using the stake from the table arrangement to stake fake Dracula
36% (31) In LDID & FDTW - Eric using his body to protect Sookie from bullets
51% (44) In DD - Sookie exposing her breast to distract an attacking vamp and kick him in the balls

85 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-02-19 20:26:17 by cadd1122
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