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girls would you wrestle a wimpy guy if your boyfriend asked you?

this poll is to find out if any girls would wrestle a smaller wimpy guy that they could easily beat if their boyfriends asked them
girls if your boyfriend ask to watch you wrestle a wimpy guy for his entertainment would you?
find it a bit odd but agree
find the idear of dominating and humiliating a guy weaker than you infront of your man a sexual turn on
wouldnt really like the idear(sorry this poll probally aint for you)
you have agreed to wrestle this other guy do you?
decide to wrestle him light hearted afterall hes smaller and weaker than you, he has no chance
find it fun to wrestle him competitive knowing deep down he has no chance against you
find it sexy to wrestle him really hard and humiliate this wimp as your boyfriend wants to see
ok so your match has started, do you?
find it sexy to try to get this wimp straight down on the mats so you can work on him on the floor
find it sexy to take him down to the mats by throwing him, then let him get up so you can throw him again and again to wear him down while you taunt him to show off to your boyfriend
find it sexy to wear this wimp down by slaping /punching/ kicking him until he is helpless and at your mercy
this wimp is now helpless and at your mercy, do you?
find it sexy to sit on this wimp and pin him down while your boyfriend cheers you on
find it sexy to apply a painful submission hold on this wimp so you can really dominate him while your boyfriend cheers you on
if you pinned this wimp down would you?
sit astride his stomack pinning his wrists with your hands
sit astride his chest kneeling on his arms
sit astride his throat squeezing his head in your thighs
sit astride his face and grind down into him to totally humiliate him infront of your boyfriend
if you forced this wimp to submit using a wrestling hold would you?
then let him go, you have won
find it sexy that this wimp is at your mercy and keep the hold on to humiliate him some more, enjoying your boyfriends admiration
find your total domination over this wimp a complete sexual turn on and keep the hold on as he pleads for mercy, finding the more he pleads the more you get turned on
you have this wimp in a submission hold he has given up and your about to let him go but your boyfriend is encouraging you to keep hurting this guy do you?
refuse to go along with your boyfriend and let this wimp go
kinda enjoy your power and decide to keep the hold on a little longer
find your dominance over this wimp a complete sexual turn on an eagerly torture him to humiliate him infront of your boyfriend
find the fact that your boyfriend is getting turned on watching you totally dominate this wimp very sexy and you decide to really hurt him, afterall he did agree to wrestle you so its what he gets
would you prefer this wimp to be?
a little younger than you
much younger than you
around your age
a bit older than you
much older than you
would you prefer this wimp to be?
a friend you know very well
someone you know, but not that well
a complete stranger who you never met before, you found over the internet
what would you like this wimp to wear to wrestle you?
normal clothes
boxer shorts
speedo trunks
pink thrilly girls knickers to humiliate him
what would you like to wear when you wrestle this wimp?
normal clothes
a sexy thong leotard and wrestling boots so you looked like a real wrestler
a bikini
sexy lingeri
skintight spandex catsuit so you looked like a super heroin
This poll was created on 2009-02-14 16:39:24 by miss elizabeth