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Naruto - Who are you most like? (girls)

You're walking down the street and you see your crush, you...
Act like you know what your doing, but you really have no clue
Be the cool drop dead gorgious girl you are and just walk by casually
Hide behind a pole and hope he doesn't see you
go straight up to him and say "I'm you're number one girl!"
You find that your crush doesn't give a penny about you and walks by, you...
walk behind him and hope that he notices you sometime today
run infront of him and stop him and say, "I'm not that scary"
leave him be, he's good without you
smack him upside the head while he's not looking
You figure out your crush is in love with your worst enemy, you...
run over to your enemy and say "Back off"
go on a rampage and stomp on anyone in your way, including your enemy
Sulk in a corner, he's never liked you
cuss out to yourself and find another guy instead, he's not that good looking
You're at the chunin exams and are forced to go up against your crush, you...
quit right now, he's gonna kill you!
show him you're not afraid, but don't beat him up too much
I can totally beat 'em, he doesn't like me anyways
You beat your crush and he's hurt badly, you..
cry to the heavens, he's gonna hate you for life!
Shout hooray and hope that he doesn't hate you
sulk in your own pool of dispare, he hates you! hates you!
Gloat about your victory, take that! you were never that good looking to start with!
He finally asks you out, you...
hug him and never let go, where does he wanna go?
tell your worst rival for his love and text all your freinds while holding his hand
faint, OMG!
tell him off and say, "you soulda said that sooner"
Who do you think you are?
This poll was created on 2009-02-03 03:14:35 by HinataHyuuga22