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Could you and would you take on a loan?

As the global crisis deepens, there appears to be consensus amongst our leaders that the way out of this recession (as it is still being referred to in January 2008) resides in jump starting consumption via jump starting the credit markets. Unscientific as this poll may be, I am interested in finding out how many people could or would take-on new or more debt than they already might have. Some of you may also be business owners or decision makers for companies, in which case I'd like you to take the poll twice; once in your capacity as individual citizen and once in your capacity as decision maker for your company. I am primarily interested in two aspects of credit: first, I am interested in the willingness and ability of individuals and companies to be able to take on new or more debt. Second, I'd like to have an idea about the willingness and ability of lenders to extend credit. Thus, in answering the first part of the poll, your answer should reflect your own or your company's circumstances: i.e. do you feel your revenue stream is secure for the foreseeable future thus enabling you to take on new/more debt - do you have enough disposable income to take on new/more debt. The second part of the poll you should only answer if you know for a fact that there is a lender willing to extend credit to you: it could be your bank or another lender that has contacted you and after going through initial verification, you have the certainty that credit will be extended to you if you requested it.

You are a(n):

100% (20) Individual
0% (0) Business owner/decision maker

20 voters have answered this question.

Are you already servicing some type of debt?

55% (11) Yes
45% (9) No

20 voters have answered this question.

Do you have the financial ability to take on new/more debt?

84% (16) Yes
15% (3) No

19 voters have answered this question.

You should only answer the following question if you have verified and confirmed with a lender that credit will be extended if you request it. (Having received a panflet claiming easy credit does not constitute confirmation that it will be extended to you). Is your lender willing to give you a loan?

69% (9) Yes
30% (4) No

13 voters have answered this question.

The following two questions are for potential bankers and or financiers that might be taking this poll: Is your firm willing and able to extend credit to consumers?

0% (0) Yes
100% (2) No

2 voters have answered this question.

If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please expand on any potential conditions you may impose on new loans.

No graph available for this question

0 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-01-30 11:47:33 by guidoamm
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