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The Definition of a Pet

There has been much contraversy over what a pet is. Does a pet have to move and lick your hand, or can it be something you care deeply for?
Do you consider anything fluffy that moves to be a pet?
Which of the follwing fluffy things that move would you NOT consider a pet? (check all that apply)
A bunny rabbit
A kitty cat
A slobbery dog
A dust bunny in the wind
The head of a mop
A dust sweeper
A ball of yarn
Do you believe trees and plants are living things?
Yes, of course.
No, i'm stupid and don't know what ALIVE means
Do plants count as a pet?
Yes, because they have to be taken care of, are alive, and bring pleasure and jo
Only when the plant or tree has been given a name.
No, that's stupid.
My pointestta died because I left it outside during winter to die! I don't like
Have you ever had or seen a PET rock?
Yes, I have one right now.
Yes, I even owned one.
Yes, but I've never had one.
Yes, but they are stupid.
No, but that sounds like a cool idea!
No, why would anyone want a pet ROCK?
Rock, like as Rocky and Bullwinkle? I don't get it..
Basically, in your opinion, What makes a pet a pet?
As long as it is something you care for, it counts as a pet.
If it has a name, it's a pet.
Only living annimals can be pets.
I have no opinion on anything, so I'm not answering this question.
This poll was created on 2001-09-21 15:28:08 by MPC4227033852