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Househusband Duties ?

Just how much housework should the male be responsible for in modern day marriage?
Which of the following duties should the househusband be responsible for?
washing dishes
laundry duty (wash/dry/fold)
ironing duty
scrubbing floors
scrubbing bathrooms
vacumming carpets
dusting furniture
washing windows
making beds daily
preparing and serving meals
tidying messy rooms
grocery shopping
sewing and mending clothing
Which of the following duties should the housewife then become responsible for?
taking out the trash
electrical repairs
plumbing repairs
automobile servicing
cleaning up the garage
mowing the lawn
none- she can hire it all done
Housework is traditionally considered a feminine activity- so how should the househusband be expected dress while working?
wear an apron (unisex style)
wear an apron (feminine style)
wear a uniform (unisex style)
wear a uniform (feminin style)
wear normal mens clothing
wear normal unisex clothing
wear normal feminine clothing
With the number of househusbands increasing at a steady rate do you think there will ever come a time when househusbands outnumber housewives?
no - it will never happen
maybe - but not for awhile
yes - it is inevitable
absolutely yes - I can't wait
Supposing your friend is getting married and she will work while he remains home as her househusband do you think it would be socially acceptable to hold a customary wedding shower for HIM?
no - showers are for the bride
maybe - both should have one
yes - just for the 'boys'
yes - I know the perfect gift!
How should a busy househusband spend his spare time AFTER all his duties are completed?
watch soaps on television
browse shopping at the mall
read love stories
attend cooking classes
surf web for housework tips
sewing new clothes for him/her
reading housekeeping magazines
Free from the burdens of housework, the wife should spend her free time ?
playing golf at her club
playing tennis at her club
travelling with her friends
working out at her club
drinking with the girls
pursuing her political goals
advancing her education
changing the world for better
Just for statistical purposes, as of September, 2001, please select one category that fits you best?
housewife does all housework
housewife does most housework
housewife does some housework
wife- does zero housework
househusband - all housework
househusband - most housework
househusband - some housework
husband - zero housework
single male
single female
This poll was created on 2001-09-26 17:34:55 by nhtractr