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Masturbation in the Workplace

Self pleasure is a very normal, natural part of everybody. It provides a healthy release for a need that can occur anywhere or at any time. I'm just curious what you do when the need starts to build at work.
Have you ever masturbated at a past or current job? Please answer based on your gender. (Transsexual, intersexual, and hermaphroditic individuals are welcome to answer according to the gender they are most comfortable with.)
Female--No, never have
Female--Yes, once or twice
Female--Yes, more than just a few times
Male--No, never have
Male--Yes, once or twice
Male--Yes, more than just a few times
For those who do or have, how frequently do you masturbate at work?
I answered that I do not
It's happened only once and I won't do it again
It was once or twice, unexpected, don't have future expectations to do it but I'm not against the idea
It's too random and unexpected to say how often it happens
Rarely; a few times a year
Somewhat often; maybe about monthly
Often; a couple times a month
Frequently; around weekly
Very frequently; a few times a week
Daily; every time (or nearly every time) I work
At what time do you take care of things?
Before clocking in
"Restroom break", on the clock, random time
Actual restroom break; seemed like a good time to take care of things
During regular break time, on the clock
During paid lunch, on the clock
During unpaid lunch, off the clock/punched out
After punching out at the end of the shift
How do you feel about those times you masturbate while at work?
Very guilty; I wish I'd never done it
Regretful; I shouldn't have done it and don't plan to do it again
Accepting; I probably shouldn't have done it, but oh well, and if it happens again, oh well
No problem; I don't mind that I did it, will probably do it again if the need arises
Happy; I'm glad I can do it there at work and I enjoy it when I do
Enthusiastic; I'm looking forward to the next time I feel the need
When you feel the need to masturbate, and go ahead with doing it, where do you do it? (I'm not going to include stupid answers like "in front of customers". Such entries for the Other selection will be ignored as complete lies.)
Office (door closed)
In my car
On a floor/in a location that is unused and/or deserted
Somewhere out on the grounds of the company
Basement of the building
Have you ever been caught while masturbating at work?
No--never caught by anybody
Yes--by the boss/supervisor/manager
Yes--by a coworker (did not get reported to management)
Yes--by a coworker (DID get reported to management)
Yes--by a customer/client (wrong place, wrong time)
Yes--by somebody unrelated to the company/business
This poll was created on 2009-01-28 06:47:52 by Skyfox