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girls only: is this a turn-on for you?

I am wondering if I can get honest answers from women about this, as I have a theory that it's something that women are either not aware of or commonly keep to themselves.
remember that this is anonymous and please be honest. is it at all slightly arousing for you to be barefoot as opposed to wearing shoes or socks when you are around a guy that you are attracted to?
no, not in the least
i hadn't thought of it like that, but yes, the vulnerability is a bit of a turn-on
yes, being barefoot around a guy i am into really turns me on.
how often do you go barefoot anyway, regardless of whether a guy is around?
i take my shoes off when i go to sleep.
barefoot only around the house.
don't like shoes much and kick them off whenever i can.
if you are with a guy you are attracted to, are you more or less likely to take your shoes off than if you weren't with him?
less likely, i'd be self conscious.
wouldn't make a difference.
more likely, but just for me and my own comfort or arousal, not for him
more likely, i consider it a signal that i'm asking him for sex
have you ever dated a guy who likes feet?
yes, i think so, he never said anything about it though
yes, he told me about it
if yes, how did you feel about it?
i liked it
didn't matter to me
it seemed a little weird
if you do find being barefoot around a guy to be a turn-on, would you get any more/less pleasure from that knowing that he had some attraction to your feet?
it would take away from my enjoyment of it
it wouldn't really make any difference
i'd like that it turns him on too and maybe go barefoot more
would you say your profession is:
creative or social work
blue collar
do you live in a:
medium sized town
larger city
would you say that you like guys who (check all that apply):
have lots of money and pay for me a lot
are not particularly nice but i like being with them
are viewed in my mind or by others as popular
are kind of distant, don't show much emotion
are open and emotional
are really sweet and loving
you are:
under 18
do you have any thoughts or experiences to add that this poll has brought to mind?
and finally, since this is supposed to be just for women so as to get real results:
i'm really a girl
whoops, i'm a guy, sorry.
This poll was created on 2009-01-23 07:14:21 by gothrocket