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Saw V

This is a polla bout the latest Saw film in the franchise
Who is your Favorite character out of the 5-players?
Brit (Julie Benz)-V.P. Real Estate Senior
Charles (Carlo Rota)-Journalist for, The Hearld
Luba (Meagan Good)-Take bribes for the department of City Planning
Mallick (Greg Bryk)-Rich boy, no job junkie
Ashley (Laura Gordon)-work at the fire department
What is your favorite trap during the 5-people games?
Wake-up room Collar Trap
Chamber Room Trap
Electric Bathtub Trap
Hand Shredder Trap
Do you like Hoffman?
Yes he is a great apprentice
A little
No, only Amanda was good
Who is the better apprentice
What is your favorite flashback scene in Saw V?
How Hoffman met Jigsaw
Hoffman and Jigsaw fighting against Paul (Mike Butters)-Razor Wire Trap man
Jigsaw and Hoffman in the backroom of the Razor Wire Trap
Hoffman and Jigsaw set up the Saw II house game
Hoffman's final discussion with Jigsaw in the Saw III Sick Room before Amanda (Shawnee Smith) and Lynn (Bahar Soomekh)
The Final flashback after Hoffman enters the glass box and tells Strahm (Scott Patterson) to look down
What is your overall favorite trap in Saw V?
Wake-Up room Collar Trap
Chamber Room Trap
Electric Bathtub Trap
Hand Shredder Trap
The Pendulum Trap
Head -in-Box Trap
Glass Box Trap
Who is your overall favorite character in Saw V?
Jigsaw (Tobin Bell)
Hoffman (Costas Mandylor)
Amanda (Shawnee Smith)
Lynn (Bahar Soomekh)
Jeff (Mangus Macfadyen)
Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson)
Agent Erickson (Mark Rolston)
Jill Tuck (Betsy Russell)
Agent Jenkins (Samantha Lemole)
Brit (Julie Benz)
Charles (Carlo Rota)
Luba (Meagan Good)
Mallick (Greg Bryk)
Ashley (Laura Gordon)
Darren Lynn Bousman is the directot for Saw II-IV. Saw V was directed by, David Hackl (The production director for all of the SAW films) Do you think David Hackl did a good job directing?
Yes he did
No he did not
Hard to tell
Do you think saw V is the best film in the series?
If you said no, what is your favorite Saw film?
The Original SAW
Finally, after Jill saw, "Jigsaw's Last Will" she was given a box. What do you think was in the box?
A Tape recorder and tape
Photos of Hoffman
Billy and Bobby the Puppet
Another key to open something in the future
A Trap to place upon a test subject
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