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General information to establish what our customers expect from us at Fiesta and what we can do differently to make it an even better dining experience and the prefered party venue!

Have you been to Fiesta before?

100% (48) Yes
0% (0) No

48 voters have answered this question.

If yes, how often have you been to Fiesta?

14% (7) once
29% (14) 2 -4 times
35% (17) Not sure but more than 4 times
20% (10) I know the menu by heart!

48 voters have answered this question.

What about Fiesta appeals to you the most?

52% (25) Tapas
37% (18) Cocktails
64% (31) The setting of being in the Cape Quarter on the Piazza
54% (26) Atmosphere
14% (7) Party-vibe
18% (9) Salsa on fridays

48 voters have answered this question.

What winter specials would you love to see Fiesta have on offer to warm you up this winter?

47% (23) Tapas specials eg 2 for R50, 3 for R65, 4 for R80, etc
2% (1) Free coffee with your burger
2% (1) Free irish coffee with any item from our Bigger Bites menu
45% (22) Half price tapas on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
2% (1) Half price desserts and coffees

48 voters have answered this question.

What would you like to have at Fiesta that would make it a great venue for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, office functions, or any other group functtions.

34% (16) Drinks specials after Happy Hour
48% (23) Specials on platters for groups of 8 or more
6% (3) Drinking games for people to play with
6% (3) Free gift for the birthday boy or girl/bachelor or bachelorette
4% (2) Please add any more suggestions you have in the comments section.

47 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-01-16 12:08:58 by Fiesta
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