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In A Closed Room...

What you prefer?

5% (70) Charlize Theron forces Helen Hunt to make sex
3% (44) Liz Hurley forces Patsy Kensit to make sex
5% (68) Hilary Swank forces Cate Blanchett to make sex
4% (63) Shannen Doherty forces Jenny Garth to make sex
6% (80) Nicole Kidman forces Michelle Pfeiffer to make sex
4% (56) Jessica Biel forces Sienna Miller to make sex
6% (81) Elisha Cuthbert forces Scarlett Johansson to make sex
6% (81) Sandra Bullock forces Anne Heche to make sex
2% (36) Helen Bonham Carter forces Patricia Arquette to make sex
6% (82) Jennifer Lopez forces Ashley Judd to make sex
4% (59) Salma Hayek forces Marisa Tomei to make sex
3% (40) Laura Dern forces Tea Leoni to make sex
3% (40) Teri Hatcher forces Meg Ryan to make sex
6% (87) Natalie Portman forces Keira Knightley to make sex
3% (46) Liv Tyler forces Miranda Otto to make sex
2% (34) Nina Moric forces Eliza Dushku to make sex
5% (70) Jessica Alba forces Mischa Barton to make sex
3% (39) Cameron Diaz forces Mira Sorvino to make sex
2% (27) Madeleine Stowe forces Rebecca De Mornay to make sex
2% (37) Peta Wilson forces Milla Jovovich to make sex
6% (78) Reese Whiterspoon forces Sarah Michelle Gellar to make sex
4% (53) Alicia Silverstone forces Kirsten Dunst to make sex

1271 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-01-15 07:55:06 by missfederica
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