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What superhero are you?

A poll to see if you have what it takes to be either Batman, Superman, Aquaman, or the Incredible Hulk. Keep track of your answers! If you were: Superman, you'd pick mostly A's- Aquaman, you'd pick mostly B's- The Incredible Hulk, you'd pick mostly C's- Batman, you'd pick mostly D's-
What would be your power if you were a superhero?
Super strength, laser vision, and the ability to fly
To breathe underwater and talk to fish
Super strength and the ability to turn into a hulking, unstoppable beast when you're pissed off
Who needs powers?
If you could have a cape, what would its color be?
Capes aren't useful
Capes are last-year
Where would your secret hideout be?
The city you protect
Someplace cool, like Atlantis!
Who needs a hideout when you can fight crime on the go?!
In a billionaire's estate
Who would be your sidekick?
A dog and a girl with pretty much the smae powers as you
Nobody, because you're cooler than that
Nobody would want to fight alongside a creature like you
A powerless kid who is intent on fighting crime
Who would be your girlfriend?
A hot reporter
I'm already married
A scientist who knows who you really are
A sexy chick who works with the city goverment
Where do you fight crime?
Your hometown
Underwater (specifically in an undersea kingdom, like Atlantis!)
In the city you grew up in
If you were to choose to save your girlfriend, your city's citizens, or your best friend, who would you save?
Your city's citizens
Your best friend
Your girlfriend
Figure out a way to save all three
This poll was created on 2009-01-12 21:35:26 by Tyler Daves