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What Should I Buy?

Recently I was with my teen age son at the store. He needed some clothes for summer. I placed a package of the usual white briefs that he has worn all of his life and he looked at with horror and disgust. He promptly informed that 'guys' wear boxers! NOT BRIEFS! So all of you teen 'guys' out there help me.
What is your gender?
A. Male Teen.
B. Female Teen.
C. Bewildered Parent.
What is your age?
A. 13-15
B. 15-17
C. 18-20
D. 20-30
E. 30+
What do most teen 'guys' prefer?
A. Boxers.
B. Briefs.
C. Nothing at all. Gasp!
If you chose briefs, should they be?
A. White.
B. Colored.
C. Sport.
D. Boxer Briefs.
If you chose boxers, should they be?
A. Solid Color.
B. Print.
C. Plaid.
D. Flannel.
E. Cotton.
F. Silk.
Should they be?
A. Fly Front.
B. No Fly.
C. Doesn't Matter.
Does name brand matter?
A. Yes. I only wear this brand.
B. No.
C. If your cool it does.
Should teen 'guys' be allowed to buy thier own clothing?
A. Yes, but parents should still pay.
B. Yes, but should have a spending limit.
C. Yes, but he should help pay.
D. No, parents pay, parents buy.
E. No, they have no concept of money.
This poll was created on 2000-05-25 13:47:27 by MPC319750010