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Leg irons in prison

As additional punishment and to deter escape, several countries in the world make prison inmates sentenced to death or long prison terms wear leg irons which are permanently welded on, e.g. China, Thailand, or the up to the 1960s. Should your country's prison service (re-)introduce this and if yes, for which types of prisoners ?
Should prisoners be shackled with leg irons for the duration of their prison term ?
Yes - leg irons with a 20 inch / 50 cm chain (walking easy)
Yes - leg irons with a 15 inch / 40 cm chain (walking slightly impeded)
Yes - leg irons with a 10 inch / 25 cm chain (walking impeded)
Yes - leg irons with a 5 inch / 12 cm chain (walking very difficult)
Yes - leg irons with a 0 inch chain, i.e. two shackles welded together (walking impossible)
No - prisoners should not be shackled
Which prisoners should be shackled ? (Choose all that should be shackled)
Prisoners on death row
Prisoners serving a life sentence
Prisoners serving 10-25 years
Prisoners serving 5-10 years
Prisoners serving 1-5 years
Prisoners serving less than 1 year
This poll was created on 2009-01-06 12:00:30 by poller2