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SonicxTails, Sonails, SonicTails, whatever you want to call it, our favourite video game mascot (that can whip Mario's ass any day of the week, OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!) and his "sidekick" Miles "Tails" Prower, best friends? Brothers? or lovers? I am unfortunately a Tails fan addict, and I do support Sonails I think it's cute. I also however support them as brothers/best friends, cause that's also cute...what do you think? If you are not familiar with Sonic or are not a Sonic fan, do not take this poll please.

What age are you?

31% (33) 0-13
55% (58) 14-20
9% (10) 21-30
1% (2) 31-50
0% (1) 51-older

104 voters have answered this question.


65% (67) Male
34% (36) Female

103 voters have answered this question.


54% (56) Straight
31% (32) Bi
14% (15) Gay

103 voters have answered this question.


62% (67) Awwww, I think it's pretty cute! Even though Tails is a little younger I think they'd be great for one another! Tails is sweet, docile and innocent, and Sonic's caring, playful and energetic.
10% (11) Hmmm...I guess it'd be cute...but I really prefer them best friends/brothers.
3% (4) well, I guess i'd be okay...but I really think if they DID have a loving relationship, they wouldn't like you know have it be sexsexsex like most people do with yaoi...I think the worst they would do is like...Frenching it up or something.
6% (7) Meh. I don't really care.
2% (3) No, I think their relationship is a best friends/brotherly one. I can't see them as lovers.
1% (2) No way! I really don't think that pairing is a good one, that's gross, isn't Tails like 8?
1% (2) Pfft, no way, would never happen.
0% (0) Maybe...I guess, I dunno.
2% (3) it doesn't matter, SEGA made them best friends. Your living in a sad sad sad fantasy.
3% (4) I'm with you, I think I like both, or, you know, think it could happen either way.
1% (2) No way, Sonic has Amy or (insert Sally Acorn or another name here _____) he can't be with Tails! (xD)
2% (3) All yaoi is gross, your gross, the pairing is gross, so no.

108 voters have answered this question.

A lot of people are whining about "Tails is too young!". If Tails was older, say 13 or 14 and was with Sonic who is 15, would it make a difference in your opinion?

23% (24) Yes
12% (13) I dunno...maybe...maybe not...
6% (7) Better, but meh.
22% (23) Doesn't matter to me, but maybe if Tails was older he wouldn't be so skiddish with Sonic on some hard core fun ;)
23% (24) No
3% (4) Nope, still gay, still crap.
2% (3) Your desperate aren't you?
5% (6) Who cares??? it's never going to happen!

104 voters have answered this question.

Suppose you go and read a SonicXTails fan fiction, if you were forced to read it, what type of romance would you want it to be?

34% (35) Awwww, some cute romance! Some cute kissing, lovey dovey words, affectionate cuddling, and maybe some fun, like tickling!
26% (27) Lemony, hard core sex. What?...I like it!
5% (6) Something hot but cute as well...not sex but not just kissing...like body shots.
8% (9) I wouldn't read it. Crappy gay shit...
2% (3) Oh I don't care! Just bring it on so I can get it over with!
13% (14) Any ^^ I like the couple.
7% (8) (Asleep)

102 voters have answered this question.

Did you think any less/more of me solely based on "I like SonicxTails"?

72% (74) Nope, I don't judge.
9% (10) I dunno, it caught my eye though.
4% (5) Depends...you gay?
3% (4) Yeah a little.
6% (7) Of course! Liking a gay pairing is gross.
1% (2) Must be gay, ergo you are now shit to.

102 voters have answered this question.

***I laid him down, sniffing his warm soft fur and smirking, watching his cute smile. He giggled a bit, as he now lay on his back, looking up at me with his starry blue eyes. We spoke nothing, as I leaned down, licking his soft chest and stomach, circling his cute belly button and plunging my tongue into it. He gave another cute squeak, as I leaned back up. "Heh, a little ticklish huh?..." He blushed. "Well...maybe...a little bit." I smirked once more, as we leaned in, our lips touching, our tongues exploring opposite mouths as I could feel a faint purring rise in his content chest. I finally push him over playfully, taking my teeth, and bringing down the zipper on his shorts...*** Your main emotion?

7% (8) O.O................Holy shit...
9% (10) WTF!!!???
27% (29) Wow...that was...very well written...and kinda hot.
18% (19) Oh man that was sexy...
5% (6) I just threw up, I hope your happy...gay shit.
6% (7) Good, well written, but since it is gay didn't turn me on.
5% (6) Nice ^^ all I can say.
3% (4) FTW? Foxes purr??? :O

104 voters have answered this question.

You are a...

1% (2) Child
30% (32) Teenager
9% (10) Young adult
3% (4) Adult
0% (0) Senior
2% (3) Demon
0% (1) God
1% (2) Praying mantis ((gasp)) ME TOO! :D)
4% (5) I'm Sonic...Sonic the Hedgehog!...bitch!
5% (6) Ultimate Life Form
0% (1) Michael Jackson (Runs)
0% (1) G.M.M.S.D.F.A.D.R (Government Made Mutant Species Designed to Find and Destroy Michael Jackson)
1% (2) An idiot (like Bush)
33% (35) A Sonic fan

104 voters have answered this question.

In your opinion, if Amy found out Sonic and Tails were a couple, and she walked in on them french kissing on top of one another, she would do what?

26% (27) Stand there silently, walk away in denile and say to herself while eye is twitching "...It's okay...Sonic still loves me!..."
16% (17) Go insane, saying if she couldn't have Sonic no one would and kills both of them right there.
7% (8) Commit suicide. (Amy haters don't answer this one choose another xD)
14% (15) Find someone else and stop being a mad stalker.
5% (6) Give up on life and become emo.
16% (17) Now stalk Shadow because he's second best to Sonic and now since she's emo she can!
12% (13) Disappear and never be heard from again...

103 voters have answered this question.

If you were forced to write a SonicxTails fan fic, what would you put in it?

17% (17) Lot's of kissing ^^ (normal, french, everywhere anyhow)
5% (5) Lot's of sexy words *Exm. Sonic:...Come here my little sexy tangerine..." Tails: mmmmm...you gonna suck out my juice Sonic?"
5% (5) The last one, but lot's of feeling up and touching too.
22% (22) All of it >:D (Tell me I wanna read it! >:D)
25% (25) No, not much of that, a super easy going fic. (exp. Tails/Sonic trying to get the other to find out he likes the him)

100 voters have answered this question.

Is SonicxTails an okay couple?

64% (66) Yes! Love it!
3% (4) Good
8% (9) Fair, seen better.
6% (7) Meh. Don't care...
3% (4) No
4% (5) No way!
6% (7) How many times I gotta tell you...GAY SUCKS!!! YOU ALL SUCK! Infact go suck a **** why dont'cha!?

102 voters have answered this question.

How was this poll? Please pick the one that mostly explains your thoughts on it.

38% (39) Awesome!
7% (8) Good
7% (8) Nice
6% (7) Cool
11% (12) Arousing
5% (6) Gay...but cool
3% (4) Gay...but not cool
1% (2) Boring
0% (1) Disgusting
0% (1) Stupid
3% (4) Waste of time
6% (7) Funny
1% (2) Interesting
0% (1) Unique

102 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-01-03 02:31:31 by Shadow639
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