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Left 4 Dead - Exploits and Issues

Game: Left 4 Dead Here is to see people's opinion about some issues regarding the game.
In No Mercy 3 - The Sewers. You can skip the crescendo event by breaking the garage door with a lot of meleeing. What do you think about that?
It is an exploit and needs to be fixed.
Valve inteneded that to happen and should be left the way it is.
"Closeting" or "Corner Stacking" are terms to describe what many players do by staying in between 2 (or 3) walls while meleeing and shooting. A clear example of this is the Closet near the elevator from the crescendo event in No Mercy 4 - The Hospital. Another example is the area below the ramp form the helipad on No Mercy 5 - Rooftop. These areas allows them to resist the infected with much more ease. What do you think about that?
It is becoming a sort of exploit and Valve should do some changes to reduce the use of it.
It is a logical tactic that is part of the game, and should not be removed nor changed.
Do you think the Auto-Shotgun weapon is Overpowered?? (by overpowered, it means being superior than what it should be)
You can melee while reloading without interrupt it neither slow reloading down. Do you think this is fine the way it is?
Yes, you should be able to melee and reload at the same time just like it is now.
No, it is unreal and unbalanced. The melee should interrupt reloading.
Aside from the melee + reloading, do you think Valve should chage the way melee works in regards with the melee spam?
Yes, they need to add some "stamina" bar or cooldown after some hits.
No, meleeing is fine the way it is.
Yes, I do think melee spam is bad or overpowered, but something else should be done to balance it.
What new content should be added to the game? (You may choose more than one, leave empty if you think nothing is needed)
New campaings
New gamemode (example: Survival)
More Versus maps
New weapons
New special/boss infected
What do you think the smoker needs? (You may choose more than one, leave empty if you think nothing is needed)
His tongue needs to be improve, it breaks for far too many reasons.
The damage he does should be increased.
His smoke should have a real use.
Do you think the tank should be able to hit more than one survivor at a time when they are stacking together?
Yes, or else the tank can't stand a chance against a team stacking together on a corner.
No, it would make it too powerful.
Aside from everything mentioned on this polls, what other changes or aditions would to like to see in this game?
This poll was created on 2008-12-27 18:02:54 by gmgo