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Increasing Temp Employees Hours for Benefits Fair?

a certain grocer, privately owned, has decided that part-time employees should now be required to work a full 1500 hours per year (instead of the current 1000 hours) as a requirement to receive partial-paid benefits. Thus, managers would have to schedule the part-time employees 30 hours a week (which is unrealistic for both parties). A part-time employee could not even take a "sick day" or else lose their benefits.....Bullsh#@@ to company owners...........

Is it fair to increase CURRENT part-time employees' working hours by 50% to qualify them for next year's "partial" benefits (even though part-time employees pay a percentage for them anyway) by requiring that the CURRENT part-time employees will have to work a minimum of 30 hours a week beginning next year to qualify for benefits?

40% (2) Yes, it is fair for employers to raise hours for current part-time employees to cover costs and force part-time workers to work more hours (although, almost as much as full-time employees).
60% (3) No, CURRENT employees were hired with the employer fully aware that the current part-time employees had to have flexible schedules and varying hours to accommodate their other interests (other job, school, sick family members). To add additional hours to these CURRENT employees is unjustified and totally unfair!

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This poll was created on 2008-12-12 03:30:41 by unfair
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