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Six Anime Poll

A poll about my six favorite anime shows: Pokemon, Digimon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Monster Rancher
Which is your favorite out of these?
Dragonball Z
Sailor Moon
Monster Rancher
Who is the best protagonist?
Ash from Pokemon
Tai and Agumon from Digimon
Goku from Dragonball Z
Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon
Yugi and Yami (the Pharaoh) from Yu-Gi-Oh
Genki and Mocchi from Monster Rancher
Who is the most evil villain?
Giovanni from Pokemon
Myotismon from Digimon
Frieza from Dragonball Z
Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon
Yami Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh
Moo from Monster Rancher
Who is the most powerful good guy?
Omnimon from Digimon
Super Vegito from Dragonball Z
Princess Serena from Sailor Moon
The Creator of Light from Yu-Gi-Oh (combined form of the Egyptian Gods)
The Phoenix from Monster Rancher
Jigglypuff from Pokemon
Which is the best sequel series?
Dragonball GT
Sailor Moon R
Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Which do you want to see back on TV?
Dragonball Z
Sailor Moon
Monster Rancher
Which should get a DVD release?
Monster Rancher
Is Digimon a ripoff of Pokemon?
Is Pokemon a ripoff of Digimon?
Do you like...
Both Pokemon and Digimon
Which reference to one of these shows is your favorite?
In Austin Powers in Goldmember, where a man in a Charmander costume is seen
In Agent Cody Banks, when Cody has two Dragonball Z posters in his room
In the Core, when Keyes tells Acker "You can use our T1 line to look up Sailor Moon crap, you're up to this."
Which is the most evil realm of darkness?
The Ocean of Darkness from Digimon
The Dead Zone from Dragonball Z
The Negaverse from Sailor Moon
The Shadow Realm from Yu-Gi-Oh
Who is the cooler villain?
Meowth from Pokemon
Etemon from Digimon
Jeice from Dragonball Z
Malachite from Sailor Moon
Lector (of the Big Five) from Yu-Gi-Oh
Naga from Monster Rancher
Cooler is Frieza's brother, and he's way more cool than the others!
Who is cooler?
Sailor Venus
Tristan Taylor
Which fight would have been interesting?
Mew vs Celebi
Omnimon vs MaloMyotismon
Vegeta vs Garlic Jr.
Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus vs Jedite
Yugi vs Rex Raptor
Naga vs Gali (which actually does appear in Season 3)
Which is the most preposterous lie?
Aside from the banned seizure episode "Electric Soldier Porygon", any episode of Pokemon has the potential to cause seizures.
Digimon is a ripoff of Pokemon
The creator of Dragonball Z worships Satan
Sailor Moon should not be watched by anyone over the age of 5
Yu-Gi-Oh should really be called Yu-Gay-Oh as only gay people may watch it
Episodes 27 and 35 of Monster Rancher (where they beat Gray Wolf and Naga) should never be shown on television (the Fox channel thinks so)
I believe all these stupid lies that attempt to make these cool shows seem bad
Favorite gang of four?
The Dark Masters (MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, and Piedmon) from Digimon
The Spice Boys (Spice, Vinegar, Mustard, and Salt) from Dragonball Z
Jedite, Neflite, Zoycite, and Malachite from Sailor Moon
Alister, Valon, Rafael, and Dartz from Yu-Gi-Oh
The Big Bad Four (Pixie, Gali, Gray Wolf, and Naga) from Monster Rancher
Favorite gang of five?
Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-oh, and Celebi (the Super Legendaries) from Pokemon
The Ginyu Force (Recoome, Burter, Jeice, Guldo, and Ginyu) from Dragonball Z
The Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus) from Sailor Moon
The Big Five (Gansley, Crump, Johnson, Nesbitt, and Lector) from Yu-Gi-Oh
Mocchi, Suezo, Golem, Tiger, and Hare from Monster Rancher
Do you watch any of the following?
Dragonball Z
Sailor Moon
Monster Rancher
Which system of censoring was the most abysmal?
Banning an episode of Pokemon after 9/11 for having the word "Tower" in its title (though the ban was only temporary)
Not showing Frieza on TV after he was chopped into pieces by Trunks
The Shadow Realm from Yu-Gi-Oh is clearly Hell (h e double hockey sticks)
The Fox channel skipping Episode 27 (even though they beat Gray Wolf and Moo found his original body) and Episode 35 (even though they beat Naga and Moo merged with his original body)
What are you going to do after you're done answering this poll?
Watch Pokemon
Watch Digimon
Watch Dragonball Z
Watch Sailor Moon
Watch Yu-Gi-Oh
Watch Monster Rancher
Sign the online petition to get Monster Rancher a DVD release
Warn WB and YTV not to take Pokemon off the air
Go out, play video games, go to school or work, shovel, rake, ride bike, watch a movie, something like that
Shoot fireballs at all my friends
This poll was created on 2008-11-28 16:22:47 by Ghostkaiba297