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Celebrity Survivor Week 12

This is where you get to decide who should win Celebrity Survivor. Last week the New York tribe lost immunity for the 7th straight time. This time Suzanne Somers was voted off. Next week the tribes will merge, and the jury will begin. This week however the two remaining members of the New York tribe will each join another tribe. Helena Bonham Carter will go to the Hollywood tribe, and Rachel Ray will go to the LA tribe. Week 13 will be created next Tuesday, and hopefully will be up on Tues. or Wed. Voted off so far: Chuck Norris, Lucas Grabeel, Joel McHale, Katherine Heigl, Gene Simmons, Jack Black, Kyle Korver, Stacy Keibler, Jo Frost, Trish Stratus, Omarosa, Zac Efron, Cole Sprouse, Suzanne Somers.

Who should be voted off of the Hollywood tribe?

55% (27) Joe Jonas (Actor-Singer)
71% (35) Jamie Johnston (Actor-Degrassi the Next Generation)
63% (31) Tom Brady (NFL Quarterback)
40% (20) Natalie Maines (Lead Singer of The Dixie Chicks)
69% (34) Shawn Johnson (2008 Olympic Gold Medalist- Gymnastics)
28% (14) Fran Drescher (Actress-The Nanny)
22% (11) Helena Bonham Carter (Actress- Harry Potter 5, Big Fish, Sweeney Todd)

49 voters have answered this question.

Who should be voted off of the LA tribe?

43% (21) Mike Greenberg (Host of Sportscenter, Duel, Mike and Mike in the Morning)
50% (24) Chace Crawford (Actor-Gossip Girl)
0% (0) Brad Pitt (Actor)
31% (15) Tony Reali (Host of ESPN's Around the Horn)
39% (19) Tina Fey (Actress- 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live)
87% (42) Yunjin Kim (Actress-Lost)
43% (21) Jodie Foster (Actress- The Silence of the Lambs)
6% (3) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Actress)
56% (27) Rachel Ray (TV Chef, talk show host)

48 voters have answered this question.

Which tribe should win immunity?

42% (21) Hollywood
57% (28) LA

49 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-11-25 21:28:13 by survivor&lostfan
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