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Star Catfights

Who wins these battles among entertaiment's strongest girls?

Beyonce vs Britney Spears

17% (109) Britney puts Beyonce in headlock and throws her down
28% (170) Britney pulls hair, scratches and dirty fights for victory
19% (121) Beyonce punches Britney out
34% (207) Beyonce kicks Britney down and forces her to smell her powerful feet

607 voters have answered this question.

Miley Cyrus vs Selena Gomez

18% (83) Miley is too quick for Selena and overwhelms her
32% (143) Miley laugs while flexing over beaten Selena
24% (105) Selena schoolgirl pins Miley and wont let her up
24% (106) Selena dominates. Her soles are stuck in Miley's face.

437 voters have answered this question.

Michelle Trachtenberg vs Amanda Bynes

10% (80) Michelle hip rolls Amanda and sits on her
11% (92) Michelle reverse schoolgirls forcing Amanda to smell her feet
38% (309) Amanda devestates with a leggy scissorhold
39% (314) Amanda kung fus Michelle to the ground

795 voters have answered this question.

Ashley Tisdale vs Vanessa Hudgens

18% (79) Ashley pulls Vanessa's hair and steals her boyfriend
29% (124) Ashley sits atop Vanessa and taunts her
30% (128) Vanessa knows how to fight. She whips Ashley.
22% (95) Vanessa is too strong. She overpowers Ashley and flexes her muscles over foe.

426 voters have answered this question.

Ashlee Simpson vs Hilary Duff

18% (80) Ashlee is a great fighter and out toughs Duff.
33% (146) Ashlee punches and kicks her way to convincing win.
19% (83) Hilary gets Ashlee in an unbreakable headlock. What strength.
28% (121) Hilary throws Ashlee around. Fight ends with Ashlee beneath Hilary's strong barefeet.

430 voters have answered this question.

Carrie Underwood vs Katherine McPhee

21% (83) Athletic Carrie is too quick and takes Kat down.
25% (98) Carrie will not quit and beats McPhee after long struggle.
30% (116) Kat kicks off her shoes and uses feet to show Carrie who is boss.
23% (89) Kat is just plain stronger. She overpowers Underwood.

386 voters have answered this question.

Kellie Pickler vs Taylor Swift

17% (94) Kellie uses country wrestlin' moves and pins Taylor while laughing at her.
22% (122) Kellie sits on top and rubs her soles in Swift's face.
21% (115) Taylor take Kellie down with her patented hip roll.
38% (205) Taylor fights dirty, pulls hair and makes Kellie cry.

536 voters have answered this question.

Jessica Simpson vs Mandy Moore

22% (96) Jessica is strong. She takes Mandy down and flexes.
22% (97) Jessica smothers Mandy with her chest.
30% (129) Leggy Mandy puts Jessica in an impressive scissors
23% (101) Mandy uses her big, strong feet to dominate Jessica.

423 voters have answered this question.

Jamie Spears vs Jojo

25% (113) Jamie Spears is flat out tough and pins Jojo
22% (100) Jamie puts her knees on Jojos arms and can not be thrown off.
26% (116) Jojo has great strength and technique. She puts Jamie down and walks away.
26% (117) Jojo has a sly grin as she forces Jamie to kiss the soles of her feet.

446 voters have answered this question.

Shawn Johnson vs Sasha Cohen

24% (113) Shawn completely overpowers Sasha and shows muscle.
22% (105) Shawn is a beast. Fight ends up with her foot planted on Sasha's chest.
27% (130) Sasha shows quickness and flexibilty in impressive win.
25% (121) Sasha uses her feet to counterpunch. She taunts a hapless Shawn.

469 voters have answered this question.

Hayden Panetierre vs Emma Watson

18% (236) Hayden throws Emma down and sticks her flip flop on Emma's chest.
22% (291) Hayden is a great puncher. Emma is down and out.
27% (356) Emma gets Hayden is scissors hold. The rest is history.
30% (396) Catty Emma taunts Hayden while easily pushing and dragging her around.

1279 voters have answered this question.

Lucy Kate Hale vs Katelyn Tarver

26% (88) Lucy sits atop laughing as she pushes Katelyns nose against her soles.
22% (73) Lucys uses her feet as weapons. Katelyn is overpowered.
26% (87) Katelyn is more athletic and dominates Lucy.
25% (83) Katelyn uses great kicks to send Lucy packing.

331 voters have answered this question.

Britney Spears vs Brooke Hogan

23% (143) Newcomer Brooke shows Britney her great strength.
33% (204) Brooke is rock solid and has Britney on ground in seconds.
17% (110) Britney is a great fighter and athlete. She overpowers Brooke.
25% (158) Britney punches Brooke down and walks away.

615 voters have answered this question.

Kristin Cavallieri vs Lauren Conrad

21% (75) Lauren is afraid of Kristin and runs away.
33% (119) Kristin is a great fighter. Lauren has no chance and is taunted.
20% (72) Lauren shows determination as she outlasts Kristin.
24% (87) Lauren kicks Kristin in face and sits on her chest with big grin.

353 voters have answered this question.

Avril Lavigne vs Christina Aguilera

29% (130) Avril knocks Christina down with one hard punch to gut.
23% (105) Avril puts Christina in headlock which she cant's escape.
47% (211) Christina fights dirrty and Avril ends up crying.

446 voters have answered this question.

Charlotte Church vs Lindsay Lohan

21% (90) Lindsay is surprisingly athletic and shows quickness and strength in win.
23% (96) Lindsay is supertough. Charlotte is handled easily then taunted and danced over.
28% (116) Charlotte has great power and pins Lindsay beneath her chest.
27% (112) Welsh Charlotte beats up Lindsay and makes her lick the soles of her feet.

414 voters have answered this question.

Shannen Doherty vs Paris Hilton

22% (84) Shannen punches and kicks as Paris cowers in fear.
25% (97) Shannen puts Paris in headlock and parades her around while mocking.
29% (111) Paris is too much for Shannen. She uses size advantage to dominate.
22% (83) Shannen ends up on ground with nose beneath Paris size 11 feet.

375 voters have answered this question.

Kim Kardashian vs Nicole Richie

28% (148) Kim shows no mercy and sits atop Nicole for win.
22% (118) Kim is experienced fighting with sisters and dominates.
27% (143) Nicole loves to fight and is impressive with win.
20% (105) Nicole's dirty barefeet end up in Kim's face. She is forced to cry uncle.

514 voters have answered this question.

Ali Lohan vs Miranda Cosgrove

20% (76) Athletic Ali has Miranda on ground in a minute.
26% (101) Ali is vicious fighter. Miranda is forced to say Ali is toughest girl she knows.
29% (111) Miranda is skilled and smooth. She completely controls.
23% (87) Miranda turns mean. She takes Ali down and commands her to "smell my pretty feet."

375 voters have answered this question.

Mary Kate Olsen vs Cheyenne Kimball

32% (162) Mary Kate is a toughie. She beats Cheyenne and struts away.
16% (83) Cheyenne ends up on ground with MK's foot in her face.
29% (150) Cheyenne is strong and sits atop MK.
21% (108) Cheyenne likes to fight and MK is forced to run away.

503 voters have answered this question.

Emily Osment vs Brenda Song

10% (63) Emily is great athlete. She sits on Brenda and makes her cry.
12% (80) Emily fights with her feet. Brenda ends up with face full of dirty soles.
35% (220) Brenda uses kung fu to make Emily fall.
41% (255) Brenda has great leg strength. Emily can't break her holds.

618 voters have answered this question.

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