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girls making boys slaves

i have seen alot of polls and i just wonderd if girls could in any way would you have a boy as a slave and do any thing you wanted

Are you a boy or a girl if boy skip to near middle

62% (1240) boy
35% (704) girl
1% (34) other(please say in messeges

1978 voters have answered this question.

if girl would you like to have a boy as a slave

66% (856) of corces evey girl should have many boys as slaves
26% (344) yes
3% (47) maby
1% (21) no
1% (20) no way its agasit human rights

1288 voters have answered this question.

if yes or of corces how many would you have

39% (487) 1-3
7% (96) 3-5
2% (27) 5-7
1% (19) 7-9
2% (27) 9-20
2% (35) 21-100
43% (542) as many as i could use

1233 voters have answered this question.

what would they be required to wear

36% (476) chastiy belt to stop any sexul things
10% (142) uniform
30% (388) girls uniform
39% (512) nude
32% (420) what you wanted them to wear
2% (36) what was in fashion for boys
19% (256) what was in fashion for girls
34% (449) skirts.dresses.bras,panties,ankle socks.girly shoes
4% (64) boxers socks jeans shits-t-shits jumpe.
31% (401) most girly thing ever
4% (60) 100% boy thing ever

1292 voters have answered this question.

do you think you should be able to whip them or pushithem liek tighterning the chasity belt so boys are under control (a chasity belt is somthing to stop intercorce or masterbation and can be tighterned round the balls and other areas to inflict pain for punshiment)

72% (917) hell yeah evey boy should be taught a lesson in pain to respect there leaders and be obideaint
14% (178) yes
6% (87) maby if i was cruel enough
4% (56) no
2% (31) no way its wrong i would let him be free like all boys should

1269 voters have answered this question.

do you think he should be givin the right to be let free after years of faitful servis to you

15% (185) i would kill him when hes all used up
42% (514) i would never let him go
7% (88) yeah after 50 years when hes old and used up
3% (46) maby when hes over 40 and going grey
7% (91) maby after 30 when hes lost his cute ness
5% (72) when hes over 20ish and no longer amuses me
4% (55) when he no longer looks good in uniform
13% (158) after his teens he can live a normal life serving women in the city and working to build for them

1209 voters have answered this question.

do you think this is thr right thing to do and that women should do this in the next 10 years

69% (877) yes of corces no other way now
20% (260) yeah why not
4% (52) not botherd
2% (35) no itsa wrong
3% (45) are you mad you could start sexes wars

1269 voters have answered this question.

couple more questions do you think if you had 50 odd slaves and they where wearing uniform and you was happy would you ever make them fight for food and how woulod you keep them in line .

25% (307) chaisty belt level 1 tightnes (level 5 is basily bleeding)
14% (180) level 2
19% (230) level 3
13% (162) level 4
27% (331) level 5 you mean person you should be ashamend or is it you like to see boys in pain and it would keep them in line
41% (497) whip them as well
14% (171) 1-5 strokes
14% (180) 6-20
17% (208) 21-100
39% (481) untill he was screeming in pain and was crying and begging more mercy
53% (643) humilitate him best you could
6% (78) offer his freedom
12% (155) kill him if he done somthing to make you mad

1209 voters have answered this question.

how would you make ofspring

59% (654) with gentic modifications we could make boys for work and girls for godesses from sprem and make 2:1 ratio of girls to boys so we can control the masses
33% (364) random and if you had a boy you would send him to work when hes 6
52% (575) and a girl to learn how to control the men

1099 voters have answered this question.

thank you for answering girls section by the way this is if girls ruled the men

50% (561) will you post (yes
16% (186) why not
17% (194) maby
1% (22) no it was dull
13% (146) no

1109 voters have answered this question.

for boys if this happend (lets hope it never dose chasity belts hurt they can have attachible spikes to couase brouses and small cuts) would you accpet this

64% (1062) hell yes we where ment to server women and nothing els they are vita to countuine our legercy as humans
21% (346) if i had no choise
3% (52) maby if i could't be asked to revolt
2% (47) no i need this chaisty belt of it hurts and i am starved of lots of food
7% (127) NO way!! its wrong and i would die rather than not be equal

1634 voters have answered this question.

what would you exspect the women would do to you

No graph available for this question

818 voters have answered this question.

would this teach you how to treat women as men might have miss treated women in the past

5% (91) no way i hate women tehy are born to serve
8% (132) i dont mind as logn as we are equal
8% (128) maby
21% (340) yes i love women and serve them any way
56% (881) YES of corces i would still wear a chasity belt and server women and be 100% slaves do as they say give them every amount of money i have and be a obident slave for all fo eternity

1572 voters have answered this question.

if the would changed and became equeal do you think the world would be a better place to live in

30% (466) yes
16% (249) no
8% (131) only if women served men as jobs
53% (836) only if men served women as jobs

1549 voters have answered this question.

is this world a sexis world atm do you think

21% (305) hell yeah we rule all women liek we where ment to
17% (260) yeah of corces dummy
32% (470) dunno
17% (250) no way its equal
11% (160) ERR no its alway been equal

1445 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-11-11 12:21:51 by easyben
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