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Tickled Under Your Arms (Girls Only)

Way too many feet polls here. No one usually talks about being tickled in the armpits which I think is more ticklish than feet. This poll is for girls of any age.
How old are you?
Under 10
11 to 13
14 to 16
17 to 20
Over 20
How ticklish are you under your arms?
Very ticklish there
Somewhat ticklish
Not sure
Are you more ticklish under one arm than the other?
Do you find that your underarms are/were the most ticklish...
Before age 10
Between age 10 and age 13
The entire teen years
Do you find you are tickled under the arms more when you wear the follow clothing (click as many that applies)
Bathing suit
Tank top or sleeveless top
Short sleeved or cap sleeved t shirt
Something very girly and cute
A workout or gym outfit
A school uniform
Do you have any hair under your arms?
Too young to grow any
I do but it's still only a few hairs
I do but I shave it off
Yes and I don't shave
Are you more ticklish totally hairless or with hair under your arms?
NO hair
Yes hair
Do you enjoy being tickled in your armpits?
Depends on who's doing the tickling
Only sometimes if I'm in the mood
Any time, I love it!
What do you prefer to be tickled under your arms with?
A single finger
All their fingers
A feather or any soft object
A tongue or lips
What's it feel like to have a strong man or strong boy hold your arms over your head. You're wearing something sleeveless so your vulnerable, ticklish armpits are exposed for tickling. He has both your wrists over your head and he's lowering his fingers slowly towards your sensitive skin... (check all that apply)
I'm panicking and probably screaming and pleading
I have butterflies in my stomach but I am keeping quiet
It's intensely exciting in ways that are more than just innocent fun :)
I'm relaxed and it means nothing to me
I'm fighting to get my hands loose and probably cursing and trying to bite his fingers
Do you tend to hide your underarms if you're wearing a sleeveless top or dress?
No, it's no big deal
Just a little, it's kind of embarrassing to show them
Absolutely! I hate to show off my underarms
Have you ever seen another girl, wearing a sleeveless top stretch her arms up for something and felt an urge to tickle her underarms?
Yes, anytime I see that
Sometimes when I feel a little naughty
Rarely, but it does happen
OMG I would never even think that
Thank you for taking my poll. I hope you found it fun. Girls, I invite you to make a comment in the message forum to start some discussions on underarm tickling. Boys can join the conversation if they'd like. Should I continue this poll or have you had enough about this topic?
Please continue it with new questions
No need. I think we've exhausted the topic!
This poll was created on 2008-11-07 05:34:52 by Alexdude