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Religion? Fact or Fiction?

Is God real? answer some of these questions and then review your initial thought
Do you believe in a God?
C)Not Sure
If there is a God why does he allow women and children to be raped.
A) God is just over looking humans and doesn't have direct control
B) God is making some people suffer so others can be happy
C) Its not God allowing these acts its the Devil
D) Because there is no God
If the good deed that are done by humans are a result of God and the bad deeds are a result of the Devil and God made the universe.....then God must of made the Devil and all the bad things with it.
God created the universe and everything in it but not the Devil
God created the universe with the help of the Devil
The Bible contradicts itself repeatedly throughout the entire book. In the bible men are created superior to women. Jesus was born in Jerusalem, in the middle east, but was born White. Homosexuality was not accepted in the bible but God "created" it. The Christian bible is based on a Jewish man. There are many other things about the bible that don't make sense but yet people still follow the bible. why wher ethese mistakes made?
A) Over time certain people changed it based on the society of that time
B) It was all made up
C) It is a metaphor for morals of how to behave
D) It was first a verbal story (not written down) and over time the story naturally changed
Why do you think people need religion?
A) People need fairy tales from the day they are born
B) It sets guide lines and morals that otherwise the person wouldn't have
C) To give people a sense of life after death
D) People don't need it they choose to believe it
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