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Current Financial Chrisis USA and the World

How do you feel about the fall 2008 melt down in the Financial Capitals of the world how will it effect YOU?

1. To date

80% (4) a. I have not noticed much personally
20% (1) b. I have friends that have lost jobs or houses or both but so far I'm doing Ok
0% (0) c. We, my family and I, are in some financial trouble mortgage we can't handle denied credit on a new car.
0% (0) d. I have crashed! Lost our house threats on cars, job looks iffy.

5 voters have answered this question.

2. Not much has happened to me and mine but:

25% (1) a. All the talk makes us clinch up and not spent on anything that we don't need, absolutely!
50% (2) b. There is a lot of talk and all that but I'm not paying any attention to it. Someone is always predicting a bad senorita.
0% (0) c. Wall Street is a long ways from my street. I'm pretty sure that what happens there won't effect me.
0% (0) d. It is all a plot to get more of our money.
25% (1) e. I don't know what is going on. I hope the situation will straighten itself out.

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3. This thing happened right before the US Presidential election and:

0% (0) a. It couldn't be faked because the Republicans surely wouldn't do it and they are in charge right now.
20% (1) b. It is like the price of gas it is being manipulated by the powers behind the "throne".
60% (3) c. It doesn't matter when it happened it is going to cost ME a bunch of money to bail the idiots out that made stupid loans and the other idiots that bought homes with those loans.
20% (1) d. b and c

5 voters have answered this question.

4. I think that

40% (2) a. Obama seems to have a handle on the crisis.
0% (0) b. McCain seems to have a handle on the Crisis.
40% (2) c. Neither one of these guys knows what he will do! They are just trying to get elected.
20% (1) d. Both of the candidates have some insight into the problem just from different angles.

5 voters have answered this question.

5. To prepare for the coming "money melt down" I have:

0% (0) a. Have taken on a second job to try to raise more money
20% (1) b. Have taken part of my money out of the bank so when it goes bust I'll have something to get by on
40% (2) c. I bought some gold coins. Paper money is just paper but gold is next best thing to diamonds.
0% (0) d. What we were going to use for Christmas money is now stuck back and is "in case money", sold one car and we are making do with one, kids are flipping burgers and their money goes into the "family" war chest.
40% (2) e. I'm not worried I'm young if it gets bad I'll rough it out.

5 voters have answered this question.

6. The current so called money or credit crisis

25% (1) a. If you can't control don't worry about it.
25% (1) b. Hope the Congress and President get it straightened out .
50% (2) c. Can you say $700,000,000,000 scam!
0% (0) d. Is just a ploy to take our minds off the Iraqi war!

4 voters have answered this question.

7. I think that

25% (1) a. We, the USA, will have a bleak Christmas.
0% (0) b. Wall Street guys are making ANOTHER killing
0% (0) c. This is a real crisis and the sooner we deal with it on the National and World Wide levels the better.
50% (2) d. I don't know who to trust on this mess.
0% (0) e. a and c
25% (1) f. b and d

4 voters have answered this question.

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