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Mixed wrestling celebrity vs you

who would win in a match between you and these hot strong ladies
Serena williams vs you.
she would cut me into two with her strong thigs
she would make you pass out and take you to the hospital in her strong arms
she would slowly humiliate you, laughing and taunting at your manhood
i would beat serena
how would you feel after losing to serena?
Like a girly man
happy because of losing to someone of the stronger gender
i would beg her to make me her slave, so i could kiss and massage the thighs of someone superior.
i wouldn't lose in the first place
Sharapova vs you.
Sharapova just too tall and too strong for me, she'd make me cry like a baby
she would get her long legs around my neck and humiliate me by verbal abuse
she'd make me tap out and make me kiss her feet and butt and make me say that girls are stronger
i would defeat sharapova, she's too pretty
Jennifer Garnier vs you.
she'd knock me out with a martial arts kick to the groin even before the match starts
she'd show me what a real woman is and wipe the floor with me
she would put me in a variety of holds and submissions making me cry like a little school girl, and she would laugh a me
i would beat her
after losing to sharapova, what would you do?
go and kiss her feet and show her that female really is superior
ask her to marry me, so she could dominate a weakling like me for the rest of her life
i'd ask her to protect me, as i cannot possibly protect myself,
i wouldn't lose
what if you're mom sees you losing to one of these girls?
she'd be embarassed to give birth to a weak worthless boy like me
after the match, she'd take me home and give me a skirt to wear, as i don't deserve to wear pants
my mom would also show me that she can beat me, by wrestling me herself
i wouldn't lose in the first place
my mom's a feminist, she'd be very happy to see a girl win
if you were to become a maid to somebody?
Serena, so she could beat all men who pose a threat to me, she can beat most men
sharapova, so i could kiss those feet and massage them
Garnier, so i could wear one of her dresses cause she wears the pants
no i won't
Beth phoenix vs you.
She'd lift me above her head and slam me down
she'd twist both my arms till i scream 'mommy' 'mommy'
Good old fashioned leg scissors to the body, and she slaps your face and laughs at and calls you a girl. or a sissy
i would run away as soon as i see her, so i wouldn't fight her
after you lose to beth phoenix?
i'd ask her to give me a piggy back ride
i'd ask her to show me her muscles and kiss them..
i'd ask her to lift me up and take me away like a prince would take a princess away
i wouldn't lose,
if you had a session with one of these wrestlers who would it be?
jessica alba vs you.
she's too small, i'd beat her easy
she might be small, but female power>male power, so i'd lose
it would be a tough fight, but she'd win
i wouldn't lose to her.
what are you?
a weak man that's proud to be weak
a man who thinks he's strong but isn't really
a strong man, but female is superior to male
stronger than everbody
which of these women could beat up most men?
have you ever lost to a girl before?
just a playful match
yes i did
i was completely dominated by a girl
i won
if you ever got into a street fight with laila ali?
she'd knock me out in 5 secs
she'd kill me in 10 secs
as soon as i see her, i'd run away
maybe i could beat her..
i would call mom
who would you want a piggy back ride from?
Sharpova, and those sexy shoulders
Serena, and those thick massive arms
jessica alba
Beth phoenix and her man like strength that puts men to shame
if you ever lost to a girl, how did you feel?
like a girl
like a sissy
pansy boy
losing to a girl is alright, they are stronger and there's no shame
no girl could possibly beat me
Which of these women could beat you?
Tyra banks
Stacy keibler
Ana ivanovic
Ana kournikova
all the tennis playing girls
marion jones
Trish stratus
Jilian hall
your girlfriend
your girlfriend's younger sister
any girl taller than me
This poll was created on 2008-10-26 03:29:55 by sisboy