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What JSA events would you like to see happen?

Please check off an event you think sounds interesting or that you think you would attend. Thanks in advance and hope to see you at more JSA events!

40% (14) Bowling
28% (10) Scavenger Hunt (teams, given a list of things around Waterloo to find, harder items worth more points)
14% (5) Capture the Flag
17% (6) Dodgeball Tournament
8% (3) 3 on 3 basketball tournament
34% (12) Theme Parties (Letterman Stoplight, Toga)
42% (15) Semi-formal (like be a mock wedding celebration)
60% (21) on campus Bagel Brunches (stop by between classes)
22% (8) Creating events along with other school clubs
57% (20) Israel's birthday party
51% (18) Purim Party or hamentashen making
40% (14) having Israeli soliders come to visit and taking them out
25% (9) Jewperbowl (superbowl party)
62% (22) Bonfire - if get a permit for a "religious" holiday
14% (5) Spa Party
25% (9) Make a charity event at a club
31% (11) charity events in general
37% (13) movie nights
17% (6) study sessions - possibly link older JSA members with younger to provide school assistance
42% (15) help at a Soup Kitchen
28% (10) Shabbat with the homeless (having a Shabbat dinner at the Soup Kitchen)

35 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-10-15 18:35:12 by rr0726
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