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Poteet Canyon Park Improvements

Do you think the Poteet Canyon Park is a great place to spend a day at? Do you like to go for a walk or job around the park? When was the last time you told your friends about how great the Poteet Canyon Park was? You're answers to all the questions will probably be "NO". That's because the Poteet Canyon Park and Maxwell Park are in need of a major make-over. The city officials we elected should want Poteet, Texas to strive and be the best it can be. Once place to start with is the Poteet Canyon Park and Maxwell Park. A nice, clean, active park makes the people of that city want to improve the city as well as their own being. With a walking/running track, shade all around the paths, water fountains, and various outdoor activities. The Poteet Canyon Park can be a place we would all love to be.

Would you like to see the Poteet, Texas Canyon Park get a make-over?

0% (0) Yes - When can we start!
0% (0) No
0% (0) Don't care

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This poll was created on 2008-09-29 06:07:27 by nickaa
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