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Michigan EBT or Michigan Bridge Card benifits divided into two payments

Do you have an EBT card for Michigan, or a Michigan Bridge Card? Michigan is expected to be the first state to divide benefits typically received in the beginning of the month into two installments. This is a controversial issue as many prefer to buy their groceries all at one time in bulk to enjoy the savings, while proponents of the change claim it will be easier for large grociers to obtain more consistency throughout the month. YOUR opinion matters to MyBridgeCard.com– Please take a minute to answer our poll.

Dividing my Bridge Card benifits into two payments instead of one lump sum would..... (Please select all that apply to you)

55% (131) Would Be an inconvienince as i buy food in bulk
9% (22) Would Not effect me because i buy grocieries as I need them reguarless of price
22% (52) Would help me budegt my benifits over the month
43% (103) Would cost me more in transportation cost because I usually stock up monthly

236 voters have answered this question.

I usually use my Bridge Card to purchse from (please select all that apply)

85% (202) A large Chain Store that carries more than groceries (Meijers, Walmart, etc)
18% (43) Buying clubs that primarily sell wholsesale
10% (24) Delivery Services that deliver to my home in Michigan (if delivery Place and " S" for Schwans, or a "G" for Gourmet Foods Outlet.com
11% (28) All of the above

236 voters have answered this question.

Because I live in Michigan and have an EBT or Bridge Card.... (please select only one)

55% (131) I plan to register for the free drawings at MyBridgeCard.com
11% (26) Am already registered for the Drawing for Gift Cards and Prizes
33% (79) Do not plan to Register for the drawings. Let other people win.

236 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-09-26 22:52:08 by MsMichigan
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