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Mario Princesses/Other Girl characters

It's judgement time. Decide whose awesome, who sucks, and whose "just okay."
Let's start with Princess Peach.
She's pretty and sweet!
I love pink! She's the coolest.
She might seem like a damsel in distress, but she can handle herself when she really needs to. She saved Mario once!
A blonde haired, blue-eyed, pink obsessed damsel in distress? Yuck, that's so cliche and boring. She's a disgrace to all girls.
She's has the most annoying squeaky voice!
I think she's cheating on Mario with Bowser! How come she can fight in SSB, yet always manages to get captured?
She has a good sense of style. Much better than Daisy's ugly dress.
She's a stupid, ditzy prep. She should be a tomboy like Daisy.
She reminds me of Paris Hilton. o_o
She's cute. I have nothing against her.
She's okay, but she needs some improvements. Make her more capable of doing things on her own.
Kill her, kill her with apple juice! (Because fire is too cliche... and we hate cliches, like Peach!)
She's the best Princess ever!
She's better than Daisy, but I still don't like her.
*drools* Sheez hawt
How about Princess Daisy?
She's so cool and spunky!
She has both a girly and a tough side. She's awesome.
I liked the original Daisy better. The one with darker skin and longer hair. What have they done to her!?
She's a clone of Peach so I don't like her.
HI IM DAISY!!!!!!11111 HI IM DAISY!!!!!!!11 ARGH, how about I eff-ing strangle you with a daisy(the flower)?! She's so annoying.
I think she's really a man.
She tries to hard to look cool and tough. She's really just a prissy little girl.
She's rude and obnoxious.
If I could knock her off her kart in Mario Kart, I would run her over 40 times.
I love baby Daisy, she's so adorable!
She's better than that wimpy peach!
Sheez hawt.
Her head is too big and squished.
She's okay. Don't love her, don't hate her.
I like her because she's Peach's BFF!
Princess Rosalina?
She's so mysterious and cool!
Best Mario Princess ever!
She's just Peach with an emo swoop and no personality. BO-ring.
Peach is so much better! She's stealing Peach's spotlight.
She's a toad.
I'm gonna fart on her! *farts*
What's with all these wimpy, preppy princesses?
She's more mature and intelligent than the other two
Mario should date her instead!
Get rid of her! Boooo!
At least she isn't mean to Toad like a certain other princess!
Sheez hawt (would you get lost)
Princess Waluigi?
Omg, she's gorgeous.
Her crooked nose is charming.
Great fashion sense! Purple and black. How original.
So much better than the other princesses!
She's so anti-comformist! I love it! You don't have to be beautiful to be a princess! Power to the ugly people!
What the hell are you talking about?! (Lol)
Well I don't like her. She's so ugly, I'm going to sue her for making me have to look at her.
Princess Waluigi x Wario forever! it's OTP.
They should make a game about her!
Sheez hawt
Mona?(A non-princess)
She's way cooler than the princesses. Much prettier, better fashion sense.
She's has a fun personality, I love her!
Ew, she likes Wario! Weird.
I want some Mona Pizza!
Sheez hawt.
I her design and color scheme. Orange hair and blue eyes are so cute.
Noooooooo, Princess Waluigi x Wario. Not this dumb hooker.
Who the hell is that?(google it genius)
Why did they get rid of her, she's so cute!
She should be the newest princess.
No. She's a boring character of the past.
Sheez hawt(um sheez like 11 years old)
Bring her back! Replace Daisy or Rosalina!
Not another clone!
She's a cutie
Does she take crack like Toad?
I'm going to eat her. Mmmm roast mushrooms.
Ew I hate mushroom children.
I forgot Princess Eclair. Silly me.
We never even see her!
Sheez hawt(How do you know that?)
She's probably better than Daisy.
I think she's really Princess Daisy in disguise.
I think she's really Princess Waluigi in disguise.
Peach x Mario.
YEAH! They're perfect together! <3
Yep canon is the way to go.
Boring. How about Mario x Daisy!
Mario x Yoshi is way hotter. Yaoi!
Mario should just be alone. Peach is too much trouble.
NO. Rosalina should be with Mario.
Daisy x Luigi
Yay for canon!
The perfect match.
Opposites attract.
Luigi x Peach is so much cuter.
Daisy is a hag. No one should have to be with her
Daisy x Waluigi forever!
Vivian is a man.
HOLY CRAP, why God, WHY?!
Your kidding me... tell me your kidding me.
Mario was kissed by a man.
I'm going to cry now.
Well I think that's cute.
Your so lying (I'm really not, look it up)
Only in the Japanese version so LA LA LA I'm not listening.
This poll was created on 2008-09-10 22:27:53 by Kipkip