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School Uniforms -Guys

This poll is to be taken by males only, of any age, regarding the return of uniforms to U.S. public schools. Of course, non-US residents are encouraged to give their input at well and post opinions on the message area. If you are female, please do not take this poll. Please take the "School Uniforms -Gals" poll instead.
Should uniforms be required in US public schools?
No (stop taking pole)
Should boy's uniforms be...
Pants or Shorts.
"Shorts-only" to a certain age, then pants.
Shorts only.
If you answered "shorts-only to a certain age" then at what age should the boy change from shorts to pants?
under 10.
If you answered 'yes' to shorts, then the length of the boys' shorts should be...
Long (to the knee).
Medium (mid thigh).
Short (mostly bare thigh).
Should the boys' shorts be...
Tight and snug.
What type of socks should be worn with boys' shorts?
Kneesocks only.
Either kneesocks or ankle socks.
Ankle socks only.
Let socks be optional.
Boys uniform shirts should be...
Boys uniform shoes should be...
Tennis Shoes.
Any kind.
As a male, what should the girls wear?
Skirts only.
Skirts or slacks.
Slacks only.
Skirts or Shorts.
Slacks or Shorts.
Skirts to a certain age, then slacks.
If you answered 'yes' to skirts, the lenght should be...
Short (mid thigh or higher)
Medium (above the knee)
Long (below the knee)
As a male pole-taker, check which applies to you.
I think it's immoral for skirts to be too short because girls should bare too mu
Skirts should be short because it's more comfortable for girls.
Skirts should be short because there's nothing wrong with people looking at thei
Skirts should be long because the boys wouldn't concentrate on their schoolwork.
As a male poll-taker, check which is most applicable to you if you voted 'yes' on shorts for boys.
I'm a grown man- school boys should wear shorts because they should earn their r
I'm a grown man and boys shouldn't have to wear them if they don't want to.
I'm in school and I don't want to have to wear shorts.
I'm in school and I like wearing shorts because they're comfortable.
I'm in school and I like wearing shorts because the girls like looking at my leg
None of the above.
This poll was created on 2001-08-28 18:24:53 by MPC3541809703