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"borrowing" shoes

This poll is based on something I observed. I was at a hotel where a wedding reception was being held. This lady came out of the reception and did not have shoes on for whatever reason. She wanted to talk to someone who was in the hotel bar but she could not go inside without shoes. This guy was standing outside the bar and she asked him if she could have his shoes so she could go into the bar. This guy gave the lady his shoes and she put them on. He then said to her, "You are coming back, I do need [my shoes]. I do not know if the guy ever got his shoes back. What would you do in this type of situation.
Ladies/Girls - Would you ever ask a guy if you could borrow or have his shoes?
Guys - If a girl or lady asked you for your shoes would you give them to her?
If yes, then why
She's cute
I want to be helpful and do a good deed for the day
Why not
If no, then why
She's not cute
She should get her own shoes
I need my shoes and don't want them lost or stolen
I do not need to have a reason
Girls, if you were in the position of the girl in the story, would you bring the guy his shoes back?
If yes, then why?
It is the right thing to do
I have no further use for the shoes
If no, then why?
People who lend their shoes to strangers should lose them
It's fun to dupe people out of their shoes
They fit me and I could wear them
Guys, if you let a girl borrow your shoes and you did not get them back, would you be upset?
Give reasons for your answer
She was cute
I assumed the risk in giving her my shoes and I got what I deserved
She had no right to take advantage of my kindness
I don't like shoes anyway
guys and girls, how would you finish the story
The guy got his shoes back
He never saw the girl or his shoes again
This poll was created on 2008-08-30 19:08:41 by jaymeister