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OK teens and young adults! Because of the somewhat STUPID movie "Fast and Furious", and video games like "Tokyo Extreme Racing Zero", and part 2 and "Grand Turismo" series, the popularity of imports and ironically, "muscle cars" are all the rage now, despite the ever rising gas prices! This poll is to see WHO is out there and drives these gas guzzlers, street terrors!
What is your age and nation you live in:
I am 15, and live in the United States
I am 16, and live in The United States
I am 17, and live in the United States
I am 18 - 21, and live in The United States
I am 22 and above, and live in The United States
I am 18 - 23, and live Europe/United Kingdom
I am 24 and above, and live in Europe/United Kingdom
I am 15, and live in Australia/New Zealand
I am 16, and live in Australia/New Zealand
I am 17, and live in Australia/New Zealand
I am 18 and above and live in Australia/New Zealand
I am 18 - 23, and live in Asia (including Japan)
I am 24 and above, and live in Asia (including Japan)
Less than 18, other nation NOT mentioned
19 and above, other nation NOT mentioned
I am...
A "Ricer" (Rice-burner)
A Honda-boy
a muscle car enthusiast
IF you listed above A "Ricer" (Rice-burner) or "Honda Boy", please list all the things you had added to your car.
Cold air intake
bigger engine!
turbo withOUT intercooler
Stage 1 turbo with intercooler
Stage 2 turbo with intercooler
Stage 3 turbo with intercooler
Stage 4 turbo with intercooler
I do NOT like turbo lag! I have a super charger!
NOS (nitrous oxide)
Exhaust system including "Fart can(s)"
I am Mugen equip!
I am Nismo equip!
I am Mazdaspeed equip!
(I am a bird TRD!) TRD equip!
Rims/low profile tires
Big wing on rear
Air foils and side panels, that I can NOT go over speed bumps!
SOUND system! YEAH, with my BOOMY BASS!
Lots and lots of decals!
Spent more than $5000 on my paint job!
I drive a ...
Honda Civic
Honda Prelude
Acura Integra
Acura NSX
Mazda RX7
Mazda RX8
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO (series)
Mitsubishi Eclispe
Nissan Skyline!
2008-2009 Nissan Skyline
Subaru Impreza WRX
Toyota MR-2
Toyota Cellica
Other imports NOT mentioned
My horse power for my Ricer is:
197 HP stand alone
230 HP with cold air intake and "fart cans"
270 HP with moded chip, and cold air intake, and "fart cans"
480 HP with turbo, moded chip, cold air intake, and "fart cans"
HELL! I have 600HP+ with "The Works!"
Muscle car Enthusiast! Here is your chance to make some NOISE! List all that applies to your "Beaute"
Stock. But my puppy has already 290 HP+ in it already!
HELL! I have a REAL 426 HEMI! I have 425 HP+ AND 490 pounds of torque! My car takes off like a jet on an aircraft carrier!!!
Naturally aspirated engine
I have blown engine (blower) sticking out of my hood!
Ram air intake
Cowl Induction intake
Stock exhaust. Sounds good enough!
Magna Flow. You can hear me coming a mile away!
Raised rear end. My WHOLE car is an down-force. No rear big wing required!
Uh, I DO have a BIG wing on my trunk. I drive a Dodge Daytona/Plymouth Super Bird
Heavy Chevy! With a BIG 454 ci engine!
All throttle, NO bottle!
Street legal rear slicks. I NEED all that traction because my monster has a lot of torque, and street tires would be shreaded in a few seconds!
Muscle car Enthusiast: What car do you drive?
Pre-1969 Ford Mustang
1970 - 1972 Ford Mustang
1968 - 1969 Chevy Camaro
2009 Chevy Camaro
1969 - 1970 Chevelle SS
1967 - 1970 Chevy Nova
1969 Plymouth Road Runner
1970 Plymouth Road Runner
1969 Plymouth GTX
1970 Plymouth GTX
1969 Dodge Super Bee
1970 Plymouth Cuda
1971 - 1973 Cuda
1970 Dodge Challenger
1971 - 1973 Dodge Challenger
2008 Dodge Challenger
1968 Dodge Dart
1969 and above Dodge Dart
1968 Dodge Charger
1969 Dodge Charger (as seen in "The Fast The Furious")
1967 and up Pontiac GTO
"The Judge"
1969 and above Pontiac Firebird
How could you?! You did NOT mention my car! WELL? DO so in my message section!
Muscle car enthusiast. My engine is:
a Ford 428 ci with 335 hp at 5600 rpm & 445 lb-ft at 3400 prm
a Ford 427 ci with 490 hp at 6500 rpm & 510 lb-ft at 3700 rpm
a Chevy 427 ci with 430 hp at 5200 rpm & 450 lb-ft at 4400 rpm
a Buick/Oldmobile 455 ci with 360 hp at 4600 rpm & 510 lb-ft at 2800 rpm!
Mopar 426 Hemi (THE REAL DEAL HEMI!) with 425 hp at 5000 rpm & 490 lb-ft at 4000 rpm
Mopar 440 with 390 hp at 4700 rpm with 490 lb-ft at 3200 rpm
Not mentioned! I will include it in the message section
I am ...
A ricer, and I can blow away any muscle car. Anywhere, any time!
A hot rodder/muscle car driver, and I can blow away any ricer by just the roar of my engine!
Thanks for taking my poll. Just remember one thing! Street racing IS illigal and WILL get you KILLED! I seen too many ricers racing and crashing and dying in my State (from reading the newspapers and watching the evening news). And worst off are those FOOLS and IDIOTS who street race and crash into innocent regular drivers, and severly injuring, or killing THEM! DON'T be a fool! There IS a difference between a movie, video games and REALITY. WHEN you CRASH, your car will be destroyed. So WILL YOU!
I will comment
I will brag about my Ricer
I will make a LOT of noise about my Muscle car!
NO comment
This poll was created on 2008-08-30 08:24:38 by Kameleon